Sabre Scorpion A very dangerous species of giant scorpion that lives  in the Desolation of Shidar.
Sabre Bush A dense thorny vine that grows in clusters and can be used to fashion armor, weapons and defensive hedges.


A sweet, unleavened elvish bread.
Salath A major town in the Trossoli Dominion.

Salt Marshes

A mineral rich wetlands on the borders of the Sea of Ash.
Samasar A breed of beef cattle common in central and southern Ithria, valued for its tender meat.

Sand God

A squat, ugly desert tree that stores water within it.


A dangerous desert predator composed of nothing more than sand.

Sand Worm

Large worm which "swims" beneath the dunes of the Baen Desert.
Sapphire Main The main body of water that separates the three main continents.


The language of the Saridians.
Saralla The largest town in the land of Eshtar.


A Rukemian province.
Saramuthak An infamous necromancer imprisoned by the Chaddamarian Church.
Sargosa's A famous tavern in the city of Zesrun.
Sargran A powerful mage exiled from Carrikos who later went on to found the Black Sorcerers of Duthelm.
Sarid The tropical homeland of the dual brained saridians.
Saridian An intellectually gifted dual brained humanoid race.
Saridian The  currency of Sarid.
Saridian Razor Crab A unique crab native to Sarid notable for its crystalline carapace.
Saris A dark sweet Aukarian wine made from fermented dates.
Sark A type of gold coin minted in Vaul.
Sarlang A large four ton reptilian quadruped used as a steed by some swamp dwelling races.


Goddess of healing. One of the Elder Gods. Worshiped widely throughout much of Ithria.
Sarribella's House of Seers A small independent magic school in Carrikos.
Sarroch the Wise The house wizard of  House Adhemar, an exiled noble Aukarian house that now exists in Fyrren's Wandering.

Sar'shang Brotherhood

A reclusive order of pacifist monks who excel at fighting and healing arts.
Sarsutic The primary magical writing system used in the Sybrenar Imperium.


A cruel subterranean intelligent humanoid race with remarkable mental and magical powers.
Sarushda A popular Padashani card game.
Sathmat The ruins of a mining town in the Irreni League, located in Dragonclaw Mountains.
Sathwon Tree Bear A small, arboreal bear native to the Aukarian Republic.

Satin Stone

A smooth grey-blue stone often incorporated into jewelry and stonework.


A cultured race of swamp dwelling bipedal reptilian humanoids.


The language of the saurians.


A nomadic race of minstrels, thieves and craftsmen distantly related to the grum.
Schlauger One of the main towns in the nation of Magrakor.
Scribe's Tree A tree whose bark is used as a form of paper in the Padashan Empire.

Scrub Rats

A primitive proto-humanoid race common in the wilds of the southern Sentinel Mountains.

Scythe Lizards

A bipedal reptilian swamp predator.
Sea Dragon A rare species of large aquatic reptilians often mistaken for dragons.

Sea Festival

The largest festival in Mercia.
Sea Gypsies An offshoot of the human race that live almost entirely at sea in the seas around Ithria.

Sea Hawk

A Kitaran cargo transport of considerable size.

Sea of Anar

The sea northwest of Aggradar.

Sea of Ash

A lake of volcanic ash and seawater that encircles Mount Durrodis.

Sea of Chaos

Warm southern sea known for pirate activity and fierce sea battles.
Seasonal Festivals A set of four festivals, one for each season, celebrated in many cultures.
Sea Guild, The The fisherman and mariners' guild of Stovikar.
Sea Spine Devil A rare 20 meter long spiny crustacean that dwells in the deep sea.
Seauri The ruins of the former capital city of the Irenni League.
Secambru The wilderness homeland of the Secambru giants.
Secambru An ancient dying race of giants.

Second War of Demons

A period of Duthelmian military aggression against the Rukemian Empire which ended early in the war due to internal conflicts in Duthelm.
Sedrak Known as the "sea dragon", Sedrak is a large male dragon with blue scales that lives in the Pirate Isles.

Seekers of Shidar

The largest and most powerful resistance group in Chaddamar.

Selari Knights

A group of self-proclaimed Death Knights who are one of the ruling groups of the Coalition.
Seminary, The The official school of magic in the nation of Carrikos.
Semorjon The god of the sea, worshiped widely throughout Ithria. One of the Elder Gods.
Sendrixar The Life Drinker. A notorious magical blade wielded by the leader of the Knights of the Abyss.

Sentinel Mountains

Largest and southern most mountain range. Home to the Coalition.

Sentinel Scorpion

A large, fast and aggressive species of scorpion found throughout the southern Sentinel Mountains.
Serenity Gardens A legendary group of gardens in the city of Vaulstav.
Servile War A slave rebellion that occurred in 2209 CY in the Kingdom of Sybren that led to a 30 year war and eventually changed the very culture of that nation.


An aberrant that consists of an avarian born with bat-like, rather than avian, characteristics.


Avarian god of evil, misfortune and death
Setra Bejai The current reigning Arch Magus of the Rukemian Empire and highest ranking magical authority in the Empire
Seven Kegs Floating A notorious floating town in the Sapphire Main known as a haven for pirates and smugglers.

Seven Sabres

A powerful thieves guild that operates in the Aukarian Republic.
Sewer Zombies A rare creature which resembles a typical zombie and seems to feed on garbage and filth.
Shadak Gruel A powerful curative of orcish sorcery that causes rapid, but painful, healing.


A desert herb which can be used to concoct a medicine which protects the eyes from bright light and flashes.
Shades A secret underworld society in the Aukarian Republic.
Shadow Curse The resulting sickness that comes from inhaling Shadow Orchid spores.

Shadow Orchid

A rare flower whose pollen generates mutations in animals. Another example of biological weaponry from the Great War.
Shadowrot A little known dragon that lives in the heart of the Greenwood forest.
Shadowsteel A hard, black metal stronger than steel with many useful properties.
Shadow Vale A town in Normidia. The capital of the Akmira region and seat of Clan Prang.

Shadow Wraith

A dark and twisted creature which is produced by the effects of the Shadow Orchid.


A terrifying creature that dwells deep underground and hunts by sensing motion. 
Shaker Bay A large inlet on Lerobar Island.
Shaker Bay, Battle Of The final battle in the Lerobar Island rebellion in which Lerobar won their independence.
Shalloway One of the major towns and clan strongholds of Bathynia.
Shamat The primary magical coding system used by padashani mages in the Great Padashan Empire.

Shapeshifters League

The ruling group of Fenlar interested in advancement of morphing skills and morphians, in general.
Shar A town in the Aukarian Republic.


A crystalline piece used as currency in corvenian.
Shard Mountain Troll A species of huge, white furred primitive humanoids found only in the Shard Mountains.
Shard Mountains A rugged chain of mountain peaks that range from the Iron States to the Trossoli Dominion in Aggradar.

Shard Storms

Storms in the Shard Wastelands in which fierce winds fling razor sharp crystal shard pieces about in the air with enough force to penetrate plate armor.

Shard Wastelands

A mysterious and barren wasteland of the northwest with unique crystalline geological formations which give it its name.
Sharmaud An outlawed, but popular, religion of the Kingdom of Anquar. Now practiced by the faithful in secrecy.

Shattered Mountains

Small mountain range in southwest known for extremely rugged terrain, sharp cliffs and bottomless ravines.
Shegrotha An ancient crone, that many name a witch, who dwells deep in the Trackless Mire.


Simple dome shaped shelter used by the saurians and built out of materials obtained from the swamp - mud, vines, leaves and branches.
Shell Fungus A valuable culinery jewel with a defense mechanism.
Shidar A major city in northeast Aggradar from 851 CY to 1136 CY.

Shidaran Zombie

Mindless humanoid monstrosities that stalk the Desolation.

Shield Ring

Another name for Ring of the Shield. A magical ring that, upon command, envelops the wearer in a suit of armor.
Siar The common gold coin used in the Aukarian Republic.
Silver Tarn A species of small fish native to western Aggradar.
Sincro Fashad The most powerful wizard in the free city of Ithell and administrator of the Ithellian College of Magic and Science.

Sitharek Rainforest

A tropical rainforest on the edge of Sarid.
Six Lies A large and powerful thieves guild that operates throughout Chaddamar.

Shimmer Cat

A forest dwelling creature with superb biological camouflage. This creature is an evolutionary contradiction exhibiting both feline and reptilian characteristics. It is warm blooded but lays eggs.
Shimmer Cloak A magical cloak which grants invisibility to the wearer.
Shredder Grenade A enchanted metallic orb which, upon being thrown, spins and ejects a number of hooks and chains.
Shrine of Lost Souls A dark shrine located at the heart of the Duthelm Citadel and used as a magical prison.
Sillar The Queen of Duthelm and the daughter of Lord Caramus.
Sisters of the Blade A secretive organization of women warriors.
Sitharek Rainforest A deciduous rainforest in the southern part of the Chaddamar Theocracy.
Skaan A major mining town in the Sybren Imperium.
Skilvar's Mind Ward A finely crafted lightweight headpiece that protects the wearer from mind magic.


A fur-covered subterranean humanoid race of short stature.
Skullclaw A disgusting five clawed crab-like creature of the Desolation that attacks by clamping on the skull of a humanoid.

Skull Mace

A magical spiked mace made of solid bone with many magical powers.

Sky Lance

The largest and most isolated mountain located in the eastern Northern Tusks.


A strange balloon-like plant creature which lives its entire life in the air.

Sky Runner

A small arboreal rodent that lives and nests at the top of the tallest trees in ancient forests.

Sky Ship

A magical ship that has the power to fly. Few left in existence.


A translucent blue gemstone which absorbs and reemits drellisian sunlight.

Sky War

Annual avarian gathering celebrating flight.

Slave Lords

A large, organized guild of slave traders that operates in the eastern half of Ithria.
Sleeping Tower, The The ruins of a great toppled tower in central Aggradar. Most likely a remnant of the Kytohan Empire.

Sliver Bush

A magically engineered plant which shoots thorns in all directions as a form of attack. Originally created as a form of biological weaponry during the Great War.
Slumber Oil A versatile drug with effects that range from euphoria to sleep to death depending on concentration and use.
Slumber Weed A fruit bearing, flowering bush whose purple berries yield a powerful narcotic.
Smelting Day A dwarven holiday that honors blacksmiths. Held in the nation of Uthran.

Smoked Krell Cheese

A strong, spicy and sharp cheese made in Normida.

Smoking Valley

A valley in the eastern Sentinels which contains thousands of smoking craters.

Smugglers' Cove

A large cove on eastern Aggradar which has been a favorite of pirates and smugglers.

Snow Drifter

A powerful, six legged horse bred and raised by the borrellians.

Snowy Timber

Large forest in Kitar known for plentiful game, fruits and wood.
Sojourn’s End An annual holiday held in Aerith that celebrates the founding of Vorrik.
Sojourn's End A stone statue in the city of Aerith, which depicts its founder and first king, Daemon Kraukor.
Soleth A major town in the Chaddamar Theocracy.
Soren A small town in the land of Eshtar.
Sorcerer King, The Also known as Lothiramar. A dictator that ruled the Aukarian Republic for two centuries before he was defeated. He has recently returned and is amassing power in the Kalanos Marshes.
Soth Weed A rare white flower that yields a powder than can be used to make a powerful poison known as nylasoth.
Soul Dust Agrinar's soul dust is an enchanted powder can turn a corpse into an undead creature.
Southern The most common language used throughout southern Ithria.
Southerner A general name for the human subrace common throughout southern Ithria.
South Gate The main city gate of the city of Aramanda and one of the architectural wonders of the world.
Spellsinger Common name for the magic sensitive crystal known by the alchemical name "methkari".
Spice Crystals Common name for borakan spice crystals. An expensive and addictive street drug common in southern Ithria.

Spiced Ale

A spicy dwarven  ale served hot.

Spirit Ward

An amulet that protects the wearer from death by housing the wearer’s spirit while it heals the wearers body.
Spittle Spittle is a small, black dragon that inhabits the western Shattered Mountains. Known for a variant breath weapon that more closely resembles flaming acid that fire.

Splinter Slug

A rare, but dangerous, parasitic life form that incubates within and then kills its host.


Hunter priests of Erylon.

Star of Khoras

A large fleshy, edible mushroom. A mildly poisonous inner liquid produces temporary sterility.

Stealth Armour

A magical suit of black armor that makes the wearer silent and stealthy.

Stench Bog

Large marsh infested with retch moss, itch vines and other unpleasant plant life. This combined with impossible terrain and numerous predators make it a most inhospitable area and very few people ever venture within it.
Stenchroot A valuable fungus with an overpowering stench.
Stiffening, The A rare disease that has been responsible for at least two major plagues.
Stinger Tree A rare but dangerous tree bred as a weapon for the Great War.
Stone The common name for the copper coins used in the Iron States.

Stone Beak

A large flightless bird with powerful legs that is native to the Iron Hills, but can also be found in the Shattered Mountains, Karth and Talis.
Stonekirk One of the major towns and clan strongholds of Bathynia.

Stone Phellysian

An ancient and powerful artifact created by Rexilar shaped like a small stone statuette of a cat.
Stone of Memories A place of learning and art in the city of Kurebay.

Storm Bay

A Rukemian province.

Storm Draught

A frothy, bubbling brown drink from the dwarves.

Storm Shield

A magical shield which protects the bearer from the weather.
Stormwall The central guild house of the Whaling Guild in Stovikar.
Storm Wing A large female dragon that lives in the remote Shard Wastelands.

Stout Ale

A pale, orange bittersweet grumman drink.


Capital city of Ormek.

Straits of Domanska

A difficult to navigate waterway between the Aggradar south coast and Ile Scholerum.

Straits of Yarin

The narrow waterway that connects the Captured Sea with the Crystal Deep.


Capital city of Arkalia.
Stuart One of the clans of Bathynia.

Sucorro Badlands

A desolate badlands region of Aggradar north of Sarid.
Sueleng A major naval port in the Sybren Imperium. Also, notable for the sullenger breed of horses raised here.
Sulgis A goblin who aided in the rescue of an Arkalian Duke in 1192 CY.
Sullengar A species of heavy horse with a distinctive rust red color.

Sukaran Vanishing

An event during the Great War in which a small nation vanished overnight. No trace has ever been found.


A nation that vanished early in the Great War. Sukari means "forest dwellers".


The catastrophic failure of the Focusing which resulted in the stellar fission of Drellikar.
Sundering Festival A major festival and day of remembrance that honors the Sundering of the Star, the beginning of the World Storm and the birth of the new world.

Sunder Shard

Also called Molari. Rare enchanted crystals which store vast energies. Sunder shards are pieces of the original Core Crystal which was the main artifact from the Focusing


A tropical fish capable of emitting a bright flash of light as a defensive measure.


A translucent yellow gemstone.

Surviving Island

Also known as the Sunken Mountain and Mountain Top Isle. This was a mountain until the World Storm changed the geography of the north. Now, it is the largest island within the Captured Sea. Many Irenni ruins can be found on this island and around it (under the waves).


A thick, sweet brown gruel favored in grumman lands. Filling and fattening.

Sweet Rye

A light brown bread from the eastern realms.


A sweet jungle herb popular among smokers.
Sword The standard silver coin used in the northlands of Ithria.
Swordtip Mushroom An edible mushroom that grows widely in Qeshir and Ithria.
Swordtongue A professional barterer in the city of Drakkel often hired for specific negotiations and bartering.
Sybren Imperium The imperial regime of the powerful demonic sybrenar.
Sybrenar An aggressive warrior race of demonic humanoids.
Sybrenar The language of the Sybrenar Imperium
Sygauer's Cureall A common curative that refreshes body and mind.


The highest dwarven social tier which includes lawmakers, judges and leaders.
Syndicate, The A group of thirteen archmages who are at the top of the aristocracy of Arcanum and rule the nation of Carrikos.
Syr, Valyrian A wizard, mage priest of Vorkayne and self declared "High Priest" of the Vorkayne faith.
Syrce Syrce is a small dragon in the Mist Forest with an uncanny ability to see through the mist.




























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