The World Of Khoras - Physical World - Unique Regions

This huge desolate region consists of vast endless stretches of a cracked, jagged rock surface. The weather here is dry and cold and mists and form form frequently, sometimes thick enough to obscure long distance vision. Vegetation is sparse here, as is animal life. The region gets its name from a strange geological growth... through the whole area, slender crystalline shards erupt from the ground like colorful spears. These jagged and angular shards vary considerably in size, but can reach 4 meters in height. The bluish grey translucent crystalline shards, known to scholars as kellanite, are sharp and brittle. No geological explanation has been confirmed, although one myth states that a tremendous battle between two mages occurred there during the Great War. Fierce winds and loose rocks will often shatter these crystalline shards and fling them about creating lethal "shard storms". Any creature caught out in the open during a shard storm is usually cut to pieces. Wind driven shards have been known to go right through plate armor.The dragon known as Stormwing lives in this region. She takes advantage of the shards here and can whip them into a frenzy with her wings.

Kellanite exudes a faint magical aura. The aura of a single shard is extremely weak. However, the millions of shards in the Shard Wastelands have a subtle cumulative effect. Together, they create a sort of magical static which can mask other magical auras or block magical effects. Only spells that operate over long distance are affected. Any spell that operates over a long distance suffers a cumulative chance of failure equal to 10% per 100 feet. So, a spell attempting an effect at a range of 500 feet (clairvoyance or arcane eye, for example) will have a 50% chance of failure (or perhaps 50% effectiveness). Exact results are up the game master. The various Locate Spells, Clairvoyance, Sending, Arcane Eye, Dimension Door and Teleport are examples of spells with very long ranges that will be affected. Other spells may be affected at the game master's discretion. Teleportation is particularly susceptible. It is impossible to teleport into or out of the Shard Wastelands. Teleporting within the wastelands is only possible over very short distances.


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