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Shard Stone

Common Name Shard Stone
Alchemical Name Kellanite
Color Ranges from dark blue to light blue to blue grey.
Density Average.
Strength Fragile and brittle. Shatters easily into slender, razor sharp shards.
Frequency Common (northwest Ithria), rare elsewhere.

1 sp per kilogram in northwest Ithria
1 gp per kilogram in other areas of Ithria
10 gp per kilogram in Aggradar and Qeshir

A beautiful blue crystalline mineral with a rough surface. It is prized for its extreme beauty. It is brittle and shatters if struck with force. It always breaks into long, slender shards that are razor sharp. Kellanite is found in only one place in the world - the Shard Wastelands. There, it is found in great quantities stabbing through the crust of the land like thousands of swords. Nearby kingdoms, primarly Normidia and Uthran and Ulkran, utilize kellanite in jewelry and art. Some Normidia hunters use kellanite tipped arrows.

Kellanite exudes a faint magical aura. The aura of a single shard is extremely weak. The aura can be perceived with a Detect Magic or similar spell.


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