The World Of Khoras - Physical World

Khoras has the same elements that exist on Earth, just as they exist everywhere in the Universe. And like Earth, these elements combine in predictable ways to create the same minerals, rock types and metals. But, due to the tremendous cosmic forces that have shaped this world and the changes the world underwent during the World Storm, these elements have often combined into minerals, rocks and metals which are not found on Earth. Some minerals and rocks have formed only after having been exposed to dark essence for hundreds of years. Nature merges the elements in a myriad of ways to produce literally thousands of mineral types. These minerals combine, react and change to create many different types of stone, rock and metal. On Khoras, one can find shale, feldspar, sandstone, granite, gneiss, graphite and obsidian. Copper, silver, gold, tin, lead, aluminum and iron are all found easily enough. In addition to these, there are some substances which are native only to Khoras.

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