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Stones and Rocks

Many types of stone, composed of hundreds of different minerals in thousands of combinations, exist all over the world. Below are listed some of the more unique types.

Karrym Stone

A dense greyish rock that is somewhat effective at shielding magical energy.

Ebony Granite
A heavy, dense, black rock found that resists cracking and weathering and effectively blocking magical energy.

Wizard's Stone

A rare heavy metallic mineral which is the only known substance able to store raw magical energy.

Floating Stone

Anon-magical mineral that, when exposed to sunlight, will repel other pieces of the same mineral.
Cyth Stones
Pieces of the original Stone of Cyth, a legendary stone that supposedly protected a great land across the ocean.
Satin Stone
An extraordinarily smooth grey-blue marble like stone with a spidery web of color. This is a more common stone that is often incorporated into jewelry.
Webbed Obsidian
This beautiful stone is common throughout the Northern Tusks and mined extensively there. The royal court at Aerith is said to be lined with this stone.


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