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Ebony Granite

Common Name Ebony Granite Ebony Granite (Rathani)
Alchemical Name Rathani
Color Very dark grey
Density Extremely dense.
Strength Extremely strong
Frequency Very Rare
Value 150 gp per kilogram

A black rock found primarily in the Sentinel Mountains. It is dense, heavy and very hard. Its great strength resists cracking and weathering. Rathani is extremely effective at blocking magical energy (with only a few inches thickness) and so is greatly prized. Rathani is extremely rare and found only at great depths beneath the surface. It forms only under great heat and pressure.

Ebony granite is 15% effective at blocking magical energy per cm of thickness. Therefore, a slab of ebony granite 7 cm thick would effectively block all magical energy. A 7 cm thick layer of ebony granite on all walls, floor and ceiling of a room would shield the room from all spells. But the cost and rarity of ebony granite makes this impractical.


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