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This large group of mountains is home to the Coalition. This warm, high altitude region is home to many small pocket ecosystems which have developed in the many valleys here. Small deserts, forests, lakes and caves are scattered about these mountains. Overall, it is a semi-tropical to tropical climate and very dry. Due to Coalition activities, all manner of bandits and monsters rove this region. Dakoracs the Twiceborn, a great two headed dragon, and the dragon Hellspit both dwell within this mountain range.

The southern Sentinel Mountains are a dry, barren, rocky mountain range dotted with gullies, valleys, small deserts and lonely wastelands. The region is composed mostly of dry, brittle volcanic rock with is very light and varies between tan and grey. This rock is very brittle and crumbly. It breaks apart with little pressure. This makes walking through the southern Sentinels dangerous, as the footing is tricky, rocky ledges can collapse underfoot and rockslides are common. Most of the flora in this area consists of a variety of hardy yellow-brown grasses and cacti that sprout from cracks and sandy patches between the rocks. The most common big game animal in the region is a species of giant-horned ram sheep which graze on the sparse grasses at high elevations. Their hooves can be heard clattering across the rocks in the early morning. Navigating the southern Sentinels can be very difficult if you aren’t familiar with the area. It is virtually impossible to take a horse or wagon up and down the hills and steep slopes of this region, requiring one to stick to the maze of vales and gullies. Without a guide, travelers will find themselves backtracking frequently.

One unique mountain in this range is known as Bloodspire. Bloodspire lies on the northwest border of the Coalition, overlooking the Stenchbog. It can be seen from Garrison. Abundant red clay in the soil gives the mountain a reddish cast when seen from a distance. The mountain was originally known as "Red King" during the waning days of the Traxxian Legion. It was renamed Bloodspire in the ninth century by one of the last Traxxian barons. The hamlet of Five Timbers now sits at the foot of Bloodspire and conducts some foresty and sheep herding on the mountain.


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