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There are fifteen major mountain ranges throughout the world. Each is unique in its own way.

Daemyr Mountains The Daemyr mountains are the most rugged peaks in all of Aggradar, especially the heart of these mountains. Fearsome beasts dwell among these peaks.
Dragonclaw Mountains A stretch of desolate barren peaks, bitterly cold northern winds and rugged terrain. Few live here beyond the odd hermit or hunter venturing far from home. A number of humanoid tribes dwell in these mountains and occassionally raid down into Normidia.
Gulhunag Mountains A steep, rugged mountain range that isolates the Sybrenar Imperium from the rest of the continent. Known for tall, steep coastal cliffs and many narrow, deep sea inlets.
Gyrtara Mountains A winding mountain range which holds great hordes of pugnar, hidden cults and worse.
Helgar Mountains A vast range of older, gentle slopes that covers many thousands of square kilometers and supports several magrakian and eshtari mining operations.
Hirilaak Highlands A rugged region that is the ancestral homeland of the mandalar race.
Hurael Mountains A long range of mountains that wind far to the north. These peaks are made dangerous by hyttar warbands, hunters, renegades, a witch and fell beasts.
Ice Rock Mountains The southern stretch of the Malus mountains which is home to the evil nation of Duthelm, orc tribes and bands of ogres. A very dangerous region.
Malus Mountains A chain of snow capped, icy peaks and great glaciers that stretch into the northern wastes. Brutal winter storms, bitter winds and deep snow make these mountains very inhospitable.
Northern Tusks A dangerous, desolate region of roving bandits, bands of nomads, hunters, orc tribes and monsters. Mined heavily by Vorrik and also the site of many battles between Vorrik soldiers and orcish hordes.
Rahjan Mountains A string of rugged peaks that encircle the largest desert in the world.
Sentinels A warm, high altitude, semi-tropical mountain chain which is home to the Coalition, roving bands of bandits, wandering monsters, humanoid tribes and giants.
Shards Rugged, snow capped mountain chain that encircles the Iron States.
Shattered Mountains Very rugged mountainous terrain whose deep valleys are choked with thick jungle. Very difficult to traverse. Home to various myrian tribes.
Skylance The tallest mountain in the world with sheer cliffs, scattered ledges and caves. Home to a great wyrm.
Tanlur Mountains A mountain range extremely rich in iron ore and mineral wealth which is mined extensively by the Kingdom of Anquar and other cultures.
Thunder Peaks A long straight chain of mountains which border several nations - Cyrell, Ethara, Avar and Uthran. Home to many mining operations in the lowlands. The upper altitudes are swept with fierce lightning storms which give these mountains their names.
Yidari Mountains Mountain range north of the Aukarian Republic.


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