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Cyth Stones

Common Name Cythstones  
Alchemical Name Umbar
Color Grey
Density Average
Strength Very strong
Frequency Very Rare
Value 7500 gp per kilogram

The Stone of Cyth is a legendary stone of great size whose origins are lost in the mists of history. Legends state that this stone was enchanted and protected a great land. The Stone of Cyth was housed in a great temple at the heart of the city of Amforamatan, a great city in the land of Grallun. The Stone of Cyth was lost when the continent of Grallun sank beneath the sea. Over the centuries, pieces of the great Stone of Cyth have found their way in to civilization. These "cyth stones" are highly prized. A single cyth stone nullifies the Drellis Effect in a small local area and greatly aids in the casting of magic. Cyth Stones are quite rare and when one comes to market, wizards will fight each other to obtain it.


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