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Floating Stone

Common Name Floating Stone Floating Stone (Dasjanite)
Alchemical Name Dasjanite
Color Black and red.
Density Very light..
Strength Average.
Frequency Common (southwest Ithria)
Value 20 gp per kilogram

This non-magical mineral has a unique physical property. When exposed to the sunlight (and radiation) of Drellis, two pieces of this mineral will repel each other. The intensity of this repulsion phenomena decreases with range and varies with the mass and purity of the mineral involved. This mineral is found only in the Shattered Mountains. The Kalimurans are attempting to build a flying ship which utilizes this mineral, but such a vehicle would be limited to that specific geographic region. Several tribes of myrians worship this stone. One myrian legend tells of a valley in which the rocks float during the day.


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