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"Never doubt the courage of the Normidians, for they hunt the legendary Torgat. Of course, they do it in teams of twenty, but still…"
- Doriath Mosk, Lord Mayor of River Gate

Proper Name The Kingdom of Normidia
Ruler His Most Lordly Majesty, Master of the Hunt, Terror of the Northern Realm, Crowned Head of Clan Drachens, the Widow King, King Sendel Drachens II, the Sly, Slaughterer of the Dragonclaws
Population 7,166,200
Demographics Human 50%, Dwarven 20%, Grum 10%, Elven 8%, Avarian 5%, Ogre 4%, Orc 2%, Saurian 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Normidian/Normidians
Languages Northern 75%, Dwarven 25%
Capital City Tykron (Population: 72,900)
National Colors Green and black.
Year Founded 598
Currency Northern
Natural Resources Lumber, onions, apples, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, cattle, sheep, black mushrooms, wheat, hay, seafood, leather, iron ore, silver
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Timber, Normidian Black Mead, apple beer, milk, cheese, leather goods, iron forged goods, wood products, fur, ivory, torgat meat and torgat scales
Wealth Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Arkalia, River Gate
Enemies Borrell
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Erylon
Other Religions Kolo, Kael, The Three Fates, Daramis, Farzak, Semorjon, Barrinor, Sarreth, Glavyris, Imarus, Assytia
Climate Subpolar/Temperate
Approximate Land Area 1,760,000 square kilometers
Arable Land 13%
Terrain Heavily forested hills, grasslands


Normidia is a beautiful land of snow capped mountains and lush forests. Tykron is an equally beautiful city with breathtaking wilderness about it. The political geography of Normidia is broken up into clans. Each clan claims a certain area of the country. There are a total of eight clan regions : Akmira, Brookmyre, Drachensmire, Fey Hills, Greyland, Hornwood, Novakyr and Tyria.


Normidia is hilly in the north where it is bordered by the Dragon Claw Mountains. To the east it is bordered by the Captured Sea. To the south Normidia shares grasslands with Arkalia which it uses for grazing sheep. To the west, Normidian land stretches away to desolate lonely plains where few choose to live. Normidia suffers bitterly cold winters, but is agreeable the rest of the year. Normidia has a variety of fauna and flora, but most notable is the concentration of torgats in the northern hills which are hunted for sport.

Notable Fauna and Flora

Normidia seems a hunter’s paradise. Besides elk, deer, caribou, bear and wolves, one may hunt the Normidian white elk which is found only in this region. The legendary torgat is found here and hunted with gusto despite the extreme danger involved. A number of greater draconi can also be found in Normidia’s forests which are mostly coniferous. Bitterberries are often harvested and used for healing by hunting parties, but few other useful examples of flora are available. Apples are common in the western flat lands. Fishing and whaling are both popular in Normidia.


For centuries after the Great War Normidia was little more than a collection of clans bound only by tradition and culture. These clans, while known for tenacious fighting and aggressiveness, managed to overcome internal conflicts and drew together over the years to survive the terrible struggles that mar history's pages. With the unification of the clans, Normidia become a unified whole. Still, they remained somewhat isolated from the rest of the world and outside the mainstream of political affairs. Normidia did, however, keep a watchful eye over the other nations with a well kept network of spies. Normidia was brought to the attention of many nations when a young noblemen, Lord Sendel Drachens, a cousin to the then-ruling King, aided in the early months of the Second Demon War. With the later crowning of King Sendel, Normidia became much more involved with international politics. Overall, Normidia has had a long and stable history. Since the Second Demon War, Normidia has maintained strong ties with Kitar.


Each of the eight clans is led by a male of the true bloodline of that clan. These eight clan leaders take turns ruling as king for an eight year period. The king is supplemented with counsel from the assembled clan leaders. Beneath the king is a feudal hierarchy of princes, clan chieftains, lords, thanes and freemen. This system has proven workable for Normidia for centuries.The current king is Sendel Drachens II of Clan Drachensmire, a former thief who once traveled with an adventuring company known as the Travelers Elite, who helped avert a war in the east some years ago by closing a magical gate and preventing the return of an evil deity.

Having historically formed from clans, the Normidians view their king as a clan chieftain, more out of kinship and tradition than law. 

The King of Normidia wears the Crown of Normidia which contains eight emeralds, one for each of the eight clans.

Legal System

Moderate and fair. Council appointed judges serve in a judicial role. Often, if a known criminal escapes the city guards and flees to other lands in order to escape trial, the military sends a small group of justice keepers in pursuit of the criminal. Their job is to bring back the criminal, no matter how far he runs. When it comes to justice, Normidia does not recognize any limits to its jurisdiction. And because of its extensive spy network, it usually can find even the most careful criminal.


Tykron has a strong standing army of some 20,000 infantry, 5,000 archers and 1,000 cavalry. The city guard of Tykron acts as a summoned militia to supplement the army in times of need. Tykron’s powerful navy rules the waters of the Captured Sea and insures safe passage for all vessels. Due to Sendel’s influence, Tykron also has an extensive spy network which monitors activity in Normidia and in foreign lands.


The hilly terrain and rolling grasslands the dominate much of Normidia limit traditional farming. Although the Normidians raise a few sparse crops and harvest wild grapes and berries, they tend toward animal husbandry raising beef, mutton and dairy products. Great herds of their cattle and sheep are raised on mountain pastures. The Normidians are skilled mariners and fish both sea and river.

The Normidians thrive upon forestry and hunting for they have vast woodlands and abundant game. Landholdings and farms are generally small and held by a single family. Feudal tenancy is limited. 

Overall, Normidia’s economy is strong. Popular exports are lumber, fish, Normidian Black Mead, spiced cheeses and furs.


Due to its ancestry, physical activities are popular. Sporting events and competition are held monthly. Hunting is extremely popular. Some groups even hunt such dreaded creatures as the torgat and the polar worm. Dagger throwing is a very popular tavern game throughout Normidia.

The national symbol of Normidia is the head and antlers silhouette of a white elk stag. The white elk is the national animal and closely associated with Normidia. A large white elk stag is kept in the city as the national mascot. It is well cared for and loved by the citizenry. It even makes public appearances at important events. Whenever the national mascot dies, a competition is announced to capture a young white elk buck to replace the old one. There is fierce competition between hunters for the prize money and for the bragging rights associated with capturing the national mascot.


Normidian mages are a strong lot. They have a brutal colder climate and a gregarious hunter/warrior culture to compete with. This has tended to forge a hardier breed of mage than one might expect. Magic is used for utilitarian purposes - both mundane and spectacular. Simple magicks involve heating homes, mending armor, finding prey and other useful feats. More powerful spells involve warfare, spying and trickery. Blackwell's is a well known school of wizardry in this kingdom.

Festivals and Faires


Apple orchards are common in Normidia, especially in the flat lands of western Normidia. In the apple region of Normidia, a common festival known as Cider Feast, is held. It begins with the prettiest girl in the town or village being placed on a donkey, richly harnessed, and she leads the entire town in a grand procession out to the orchards. There, the revelers drink and dance. The focus of this celebration involves pouring ale and cider on the roots of the apple trees to encourage them to grow.


Apple Beer is a very common drink in Normidia. Normidian apple beer is a thick, soft frothy drink beverage made of apple pulp whipped with ale.

Important People of Normidia


Far to the north of Tykron, in the foothills of the great Dragonclaw Mountains, there lives a reclusive human wizard named Janoth. He is known to a powerful worker of magic, some say the greatest wizard alive in Normidia today. He is old, balding and wears purple robes and a heavy iron belt. He dwells in a stark tower wrought of curious black stone. The tower has only one entrance - tall doors of coppery metal adorned with alien glyphs. A single window high above the door is the only other feature on the otherwise blank brick surface. The locals simply call this structure the Tower of Janoth. They say that he created the tower himself generations ago. Janoth prefers to live alone. It seems he lives in the great tower with no one - no guards, no pets, no servants, no friends. Only on rare occasions is he seen outside his tower. The local farmers say that he is annoyed by everyone, cannot tolerate the company of others and so they leave him alone. What mighty works of magic occupy the mage's time, none can say.

Common Names

Male Names

Andrian, Anfrad, Cristof, Darius, Domrik, Elrik, Franz, Feydric, Geryan, Hunrik, Ignar, Jodun, Klautus, Ludipold, Maxilus, Mariko, Oskivar,

Female Names

Amelika, Adgalia, Babrilla, Biantrus, Chelidia, Clarena, Dagmar, Doritha, Elsima, Freydika, Gezina, Hannel, Ingemyr, Jubella, Karolyn, Marteena, Olgara, Rosalyna, Salvinia

Notable Noble Family Names

Burkan, Dorthkar, Gruber, Helgifar, Kohlnar, Martur, Stradius, Wolfgar


Town Name Population Clan Region Clan Notes
Jensen 38,500 Drachensmire Drachens The town of Jensen was said to be founded by a man named Kallin, the son of Jen, a legendary hunter who was said to have some elven blood. Jensen is home to a small school of herbalists and natural healers.
Two Towers 30,000 Hornwood Kragus The town of Two Towers is a named for the ancient ruin of Irenni origin upon which the town is built. Two Towers is a trade center and economic hub, sitting at both a crossroads and at the highest navigable point of the river.
Kallimar 24,000 Tyria Malagar Kallimar is said to mean "river of blood" in some ancient, half forgotten tongue. Kallimar is one of the oldest communities and one which saw many fierce battles. It was after the Battle of Kallimar that the clans finally came together in peace and began to unify into a nation.
Hunter's Rest 17,100 Fey Hills Randroga Hunter's Rest is the launch point for most hunting parties, especially the large groups which venture far into the wilderness and hunt the dreaded torgat.
Rhatania 15,300 Greyland Velderstan Named after the wonderful spiced cheese that the local dairy farms produce. Rhatania is a smooth yellow and orange cheese with a soft, spongy texture.
Shadow Vale 11,900 Akmira Prang Shadow Vale is a small farming and logging community nestled in an area of narrow valleys, deep gullies and tall pine woods.
Caldore 7,900 Brookmyre Kelldroth Caldore is home to a garrison and standing militia. It is the northern most Normidian town and charged with defending against the orcish tribes and other creatures that inhabit the Dragon Claw Mountains. Besides its military role, it is also known for many villages nearby that raise dairy cows. Hence the region is known for its cheese and milk products. Caldorian spiced cheese is pure white and slightly sweet. The town of Caldore is also home to a large and popular establishment called the Salutation Inn.
Traethin 2,400 Novakyr Boethar Another town noted for its unique spiced cheese. Traethin is a blue white crumbly cheese with a pungent odor and sour flavor. Many consider it an acquired taste.

Villages (Population less than 1,000)

Bruisk, Dathkandra, Gustoph, Hissar, Hunting, Joram, Kalen, Karnak, Kessler, Mountainhome, Naujok, Ockstad, Oddhill, Snow Hill, Thorjorn, Trout Lake, Wolf

Travel and Distance

Normidia has a network of excellent paved roads that connects all towns and major cities. Normidia enjoys this system of roads thanks to the reign of King Marfidius Prang the IV, who oversaw the construction of the major roads in the 22nd century, some 500 years ago. Most of the outlying regions have older unpaved dirt roads. Several navigable rivers wind their way through Normidia, allowing rapid downstream travel between several of the major towns. For more information, see the Travel and Distance page.

      Typical Travel Time
Route Terrain/Road Conditions Distance Walking Wagon/Cart Horse Riverboat Ship
Tykron - Kallimar Paved Road or Riverboat 109 km 5 days 4 days 2 days 2 days  
Tykron - Jensen Paved Road 435 km 18 days 13 days 8 days    
Tykron - White Spire (Arkalia) Paved Road or Sea 521 km 21 days 15 days 10 days   6 days
Tykron - Rhatania - ship Sea 355 km         4 days
Tykron - Iquro (ruins) - ship Sea 423 km         5 days
Tykron - Strathon - ship Sea 614 km         7 days
Tykron - Aerith - ship Sea 1,369 km         14 days
Kallimar - Rhatania Paved Road 324 km 13 days 10 days 6 days    
Kallimar - Caldore Paved Road or Riverboat 454 km 19 days 13 days 9 days 7 days  
Kallimar - Two Towers Paved Road or Riverboat 151 km 7 days 5 days 3 days 3 days  
Two Towers - Jensen Paved Road or Riverboat 243 km 10 days 7 days 5 days 4 days  
Jensen - River Gate Dirt Road or Riverboat 404 km 18 days 13 days 8 days 6 days  
Two Tower - Traethin Paved Road 407 km 17 days 12 days 8 days    
Jensen - Traethin Dirt Road 481 km 21 days 16 days 9 days    
Caldore - Hunter's Rest Paved Road 293 km 12 days 9 days 6 days    
Hunter's Rest - Traethin Paved Road 293 km 12 days 9 days 6 days    
Hunter's Rest - Shadow Vale Paved Road 266 km 11 days 8 days 5 days    
Shadow Vale - Traethin Paved Road 244 km 10 days 7 days 5 days    
Traethin - Stavog Unmaintained Dirt Road 609 km 28 days 21 days 12 days    
Shadow Vale - Ulkran Dirt Road 619 km 27 days 20 days 12 days    
Shadow Vale - Juran Unmaintained Dirt Road 670 km 30 days 23 days 13 days    
Rhatania - Lair of Cyclops Dirt road, forested hills 418 km 22 days 72 days 16 days    
Caldore - Sathmat (ruins) Forest 190 km 10 days 55 days 9 days    
Hunter's Rest - Two Towers River 530 km       8 days  
Shadow Vale - Two Towers River 694 km       10 days  


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