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Baen Desert
The huge Baen Desert is the largest desert in central Ithria. It is mostly sand and sun scorched rock. The Baen Desert is home to the race called the baenites. Few others enter Baen. It is also home to the Desert Mage, Morlokk. The history of the Baen Desert is intertwined with that of the Sundering and the magic of that great era still echos here.

The Iron Hills
The Iron Hills are a vast area of broken hills and badlands that lie between the Shattered Mountains and the nation of Kalimura. This region is exceptionally rich in mineral deposits. Kalimura has a strong interest in these valuable resources and operates several large mining operations throughout the area. These mining operations sometimes come under attack from raiding warriors of the Rhotha tribe, the local myrian tribe that claim the Iron Hills.  Iron Hills is the domain of the  of myrians who jealously guard their territory.

Mountaintop Isle
The Mountain Top Isle (sometimes called the Surviving Island) is the only body of land within the Captured Sea. Long ago, this was the peak of a mountain which subsequently sank into the waters when the sea formed from the landquakes of the World Storm. The ruins of an Irenni city, now an abandoned port city, still stands on the southern shore. The island is claimed by Arkalia.

Shard Wastelands
A vast desolate region of hard rock, coarse gravel and strange mineral growths that grow from the ground like crystalline swords. These razor sharp shards are dangerous during wind storms. No civilized groups claim this region as it is remote from the civilized world and suffers harsh winters.

Smoking Valley
This valley has a floor of hard packed clay which is smooth like fired pottery. The entire valley is filled with huge smoking craters. Each crater is between 3 to 6 meters across with a one meter high lip. The edges are cracked and worn. These craters actually generate and emit smoke. It is a continuous phenomena. Undoubtedly some geological phenomenon bubbling beneath the surface of the soil is the cause but, to date, no one has conducted any studies. The smoking valley is located in the east arm of the Sentinel Mountains.

Thunder Falls
The well-known Thunder Falls empty Cauldron Lake, fed endlessly from the Trackless Mire, into the Captured Sea. Thunder Falls is named for its incredible noise and can be heard over five kilometers away. Several small caves are tucked under the lip of the falls. Large quantities of lichens and mosses surrounded the area as they are nurtured by the cold mist which hangs suspended in the air as far as the eye can see.


The Boulivar Flats
A stagnant wasteland of noxious mists and brackish pools.

The Desolation
A dreadful peninsula filled with the ruins of ancient cities and stalked by monsters and undead. Once each year this forbidden realm is swept clean by the Horde, an unstoppable mass of monstrosities too horrible to imagine. To protect Chaddamar, the peninsula is isolated from the Aggradar mainland by a great wall.

Fyrren's Wandering
A maze of canyons between Aukaria and Magrakor that formed from centuries of geological processes. This region is now home to bandit groups that prowl on unsuspecting caravans. The main road is protected by forts manned by both nations.

The Sucorro Badlands
A desolate rocky wilderness region with a type of unique rocky formation that forms great stony hills.


Ahtabi Desert
The largest desert in the world. The deep heart of the Ahtabi is an endless sea of shifting sand dunes. This desert is home to the mysterious guldra, a mysterious reptilian race, and a number of ancient pre-Sundering ruins.

The Broadlands
A realm of open grasslands, savannahs and abundant wildlife. Recently conquered by the Padashan Empire.

The Sea of Ash
A great lake of water and ash that surrounds a volcanic island in a geologically active region. Ruled by a great sorcerer.

The Wind Plains
A large prairie with fierce weather and constant winds.


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