The World Of Khoras - Physical World - Bodies of Water

Once a large basin dominated by the Irenni League, this huge salt water region appeared as a result of one of the larger land quakes following the World Storm. The waters of the Crystal Deep flooded the central plains of the Irenni League in a matter of days, wiping out hundreds of Irenni town and villages. Millions died. The ruins of many Irenni cities lie on the sea floor.

The Captured Sea has excellent fishing waters and all four nations bordering this body of water fish it heavily. Much trade is conducted by merchant vessel between all the nations. Piracy is a minor problem. During the winter, the Straits of Yarin that form the northern "mouth" of the captured sea are filled with ice bergs and extremely dangerous to navigate. Only the most foolhardy captain will attempt sail the northern Captured Sea in winter and only a mad man would attempt to cross the Straits of Yavin. Any ship that tries is doomed to fail.

In the summer months, when the ice floes break up and the Straits of Yavin are clear, the Borrellians come in long ships from distant Borrell to raid coastal villages all around the sea.


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