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Arnalor Bay A bay on the north coast of Aggradar in Aukarian territory.
Bay of Arratan A large bay in Padashan territory.
Bay of Karnus Major bay in northwestern Ithria which holds historical significance for Anquar.
Bay of Okslad A large bay in Magrakian territory.
Bay of Tears A large bay that lies between the Sybren Imperium and Magrakor.
Bitter Bay A cold northern bay fished by Tomarin and Sybrenar ships.
Blood Bay Bay central to the Coalition.
Bottomless Lake A mythical lake in the Northern Tusk mountains of Ithria.
Briny Sea A heavily trafficked, salt laden sea between Aggradar and Qeshir.
Broken Hull Bay Major bay between the Coalition and the Drakkellian Alliance.
Captured Sea A large salt water "interior" sea that dominates northern Ithrian. Formed suddenly from landquakes during the Age of Chaos.
Cauldron Lake The largest freshwater body within Ithria that drains through the Thunder Falls.
Crystal Deep This vast northern sea is named so for the countless icebergs that roam its waters.
Dronik Ocean Vast sea that lies to the south of Aggradar.
Farseeker Bay Major bay on the north coast of the Aswanar Wildlands.
Great Western Ocean The Great Western Ocean is the large sea that lies west of Ithria.
Henari Sea The sea south of Qeshir.
Ithwair Bay A large bay in Aukarian territory.
Kassar's Deep A remote bay on the south coast of Qeshir.
Mad Seas The storm ravaged seas north of Aggradar.
Mud Bay Bay on northern coast of Aswanar Wildlands.
Penthar Bay Major bay between Mercia and Ormek.
Ramalan Bay A disputed bay at the center of conflict between the Kingdom of Anquar and the Padashan Empire.
Sapphire Main The Sapphire Main is a heavily traveled northern waters between Ithria and Qeshir.
Sea of Anar The cold northern sea that lies of the western coast of Aggradar.
Sea of Chaos The Sea of Chaos is named so for its constant piracy and naval battles.
Smugglers' Cove A large bay between Chaddamar and Sarid which is frequented by pirates and smugglers.
Snowhawk Bay Bay north of the Iron States.
Straits of Domanska A waterway which provides the main trading route between Vaul and Sarid.
Straits of Yarin The northern waterway that connects the Captured Sea and the Crystal Deep.
Thunder Bay Major bay north of Carrikos.
Vast The ocean that lies to the east of Aggradar.
Wild Sea The southern sea between Ithria and Qeshir.
Windward Bay A windy bay in Vaullian territory.


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