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The Bitter Bay is so named for the icy blasts of wind that sweep across the waters in winter, the treacherous currents and rocky coastal cliffs. The region is difficult to navigate and the coast has few good places to moor a ship, especially in the north. Tomarin and Sybrenar ships may both be found fishing or patrolling these waters and the two nations have had naval battles in the Bitter Bay on more than one occasion.

A dozen villages lie on the coast of this bay and fish its waters. It occasionally serves as shelter for ships from a storm. Although it lies between the Iron Kingdoms, the Trossoli Dominion and the Sybrenar Imperium, it is officially claimed by no nation. The fishing villages here contain a mix of races. Many hyttar refugees came here when the Trossoli first emerged. It is yet to be seen whether the Trossoli will make a move and attempt to annex this region as well.


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