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The Mad Seas refers to the cold, northern storm tossed sea north of Aggradar which is notoriously difficult to navigate and sail. This is due to magnetic interference (which affects magnetized compasses and iron needles), rough aquatic topography, freak storms, deep trenches, complex current patterns and sudden shallows.

In addition to these atmospheric and navigational hazards, there are a number of dangerous beasts beneath the currents, some large enough to prey on whole ships. Both the storms and the aggressiveness of the sea monsters increases the closer one gets to the Shidaran Peninsula. Most captains refuse to sail far out into the Mad Seas. Little commerce or travel is conducted here and most ships stay very close to the mainland and as far from the Shidaran Peninsula as possible. Many ships have been lost on this sea. No ship has ever ventured close to the western Shidaran coastline and returned.


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