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Saurians, regardless of their homeland, all speak the same central saurian tongue. There are no subdivisions or dialects. Linguists believe this may be due to the limited speech ability of the saurian mouth structure.


Due to the saurian mouth structure, their range of pronunciation is limited and their language reflects it. The saurian tongue tends to be a guttural language which is spoken slowly. S, SH, K, L and V are the most common consonants used and the language consists of many subtle variations using these sounds. These variations can be complex. Non-saurian speakers must be careful to articulate these in order not to be misunderstood.

Sauric is derived from Traxxi and when one learns both languages, the similarities become obvious.


The written saurian language consists of bold, thick stroked letters with sharp, triangular serifs similar to saurian scales. It uses 37 letters from the Traxxi alphabet though some of the letters have been altered greatly in their meaning and pronunciation from the original Traxxi.


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