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The Salt Marshes are actually the eastern most region of the Aswanar Wildlands. This large wetlands area is a mixture of saltwater marshes and peaty bogs with a high mineral content. The Salt Marshes are adjacent to the Ash Mountains which surround the Sea of Ash on eastern Qeshir.

The Salt Marshes are a terrible region, filled with stinking sulfurous gases, stagnant water, rotting vegetation and twisted plant life. The noxious atmosphere makes breathing difficult. The water in this region is laden with minerals and metallic particles. These metals and minerals are absorbed into the plant life and even pollute the flesh of animals living in this region, tainting the taste of the meat.

Because of the high mineral content here, magical energy is reflected in odd manners.  Spells cast in this region will behave slightly oddly. Detection spells will have limited range and will give inaccurate results. Long range spells may be reflected, dispersed or misdirected in odd ways. The effect is more pronounced with spells that operate over a long distance or a wide area. The mineral content is particularly high in standing water. Spells will not function underwater here and cannot penetrate the surface of water. Detection spells would not sense a creature submerged beneath the surface, for example.

The Aswanar consider this region taboo and will not willingly enter here.


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