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Barakose Swamp This large swamp, which sits in a rain shadow against the mountains, fills the area between the coast along the Romler Bay and the Sentinel Mountains. This is the homeland of the largest saurian nation. The Barakose Swamp is home to poisonous plants, dangerous predators and two dragons.
Janida Mud Flats A large desolate region of thick mud, stagnant pools, swamp reeds, moss covered trees and cold mist that hangs endlessly in the air. The region is located in the southern stretch of the Northern Tusks, east of Gaurin's Pass.
Kalanos Marches The Kalanos Marshes are a vast maze of bogs, marshlands and swamps that lie between the Aukarian Republic and the Chaddamar Theocracy. It is a land now ruled over by the dread lord, Saramuthak, the Sorcerer King, the once ruler of Aukaria and now exiled, where he plots his revenge against the Republic.
Moors The Moors are a vast region of untamed peaty bogs that lie northwest of the Kingdom of Anquar. It is a desolate region home to predators and haunted by spirits. It is shunned by the civilized peoples of the continent.
Muddy Grounds A vast region of thick mud in an otherwise flat plains region, located between Ithell and Jannerus.
Salt Marshes A foul and noxious saltwater marsh where the aswani fear to tread.
Stench Bog This thick bog is more of a slime marsh known for its itch vines and retch moss. The Stench Bog is directly north of Garrison. It is home to a large variety plant life. Conflicts between the Coalition and Garrison are commonly fought here.
Trackless Mire This huge swamp, south of Cauldron Lake, is known for deep holes, cliffs and steppes. Water is constantly flowing down. Rain is common and a layer of muck sucks at boots constantly.


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