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This huge swamp sits on the windward side of the Sentinel Mountain rain shadow. It is the largest wetlands region in the world, completely filling the area between the coast along the Romler Bay and the Sentinel Mountains. The Barakose Swamp is truly vast, encompassing a diverse collection of environments including hills, marshes, forests and bogs. This region is home to thousands of types of plants and animals. It is also the home of many humanoid races. Saurians, boglings, orcs, goblins and trolls can all be found within the swamp.

The great dragon Ygrax the Flameless dwells within this swamp. Ygrax is worshiped by a large group of draconian saurians. They have established a permanent colony outside his lair, patrol the region and bring him offerings and sacrifices. Ygrax is not the only giant beast in the Barakose swamp.  Several huge gumric can also be found within this region along with scythe lizards and other dangerous predators. There are even rumors of a giant or two.

Those venturing into the Barakos swamp will find themselves mired in relentlessly inhospitable environment. The swamp is dense, choked with thorny bushes, vines, clusters of trees and stagnant pools of water. There are no roads in the swamp and carts and wagons will quickly become stuck. Thick mud, deep water, hidden holes and treacherous footing will slow down movement greatly. Even horses will struggle to move through such an environment. Clouds of stinging insects, sweltering heat, oppressive humidity, foul stenches, disease and thick mist make this a thoroughly unpleasant place. The Barakose Swamp is also swept by fierce and frequent storms. Very few people willingly venture into this swamp.

The origin of the name "Barakose" is unknown, although several linguistic scholars believe it to be a corruption of the word "Barakus", since the Barakus Clans held this territory during the First Age. 

This region was a part of the Traxx Legion before and during the Great War. Because of this, scholars believe that the swamp must contain many, possible dozens, of Traxxian ruins and other places of archeological interest. Chief among these would be the ancient Traxxian capital city of Doth, whose shattered ruins are said to lie somewhere near the heart of the swamp. The difficult conditions of the swamp make archeological expeditions difficult and several such expeditions have simply vanished into the swamp and never returned.


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