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The Moors are a vast region of peaty bog, marshes and swamps. This vast, untamable region is cool and humid with tall grasses and marsh weeds, twisted rotting trees and cold pools of still water. There is abundant flora here with hundreds of kinds of trees, weeds and grasses. However, there is little farmable land. Only a few villages have managed to drain enough land to raise crops and scratch out a living. Most villages keep to the edges of the Moors where the farming is easier.

The Moors are home to a miscellany of swamp animals and predators. Millions of frogs dwell in the region. In fact, the villages around the Moors feast on frogs quite often. It is a staple of their diet.

The region is also home to several well known beings - there is Crodus the "Swamp Giant" who dwells in a great cave in the northern hills. There is a mad mage that calls himself "The Warlock" that is said to live in a tree trunk and hold court with frogs. There are also likely a number of thieves' dens here.

In general, few people enter the Moors. There are no proper roads through the Moors. There is no farmable land, nothing of value, not even any valuable minerals. The insects are fierce and of unusually large size.

This region is sometimes called the "Withered Moors".


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