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Shegrotha of the Trackless Mire

Age Ancient Hair Style Long and tangled
Race Half-orc? Hair Color Grey
Height 1.6m (5' 3") Eye Color Grey
Weight 100 kg (220 lb) Distinguishing Marks One white eye.
Gender Female Clothing/Equipment Rags.

Profession None.
Chief Location The Trackless Mire
Affiliations None.
Languages Northern, Orcish, Ogrish,
Skills Magic, Alchemy, Herbalism

General Description

Shegrotha of the Mire, as she is called, is an ancient corvenian witch. She lives alone, deep in the heart of the Trackless Mire, in a great house made of mud and stone. How long she has lived there none can say, but there are tales from a hundred years ago that mention her as "the old swamp crone". Her true age can only be guessed at. They say she drinks the blood of lost children and that it keeps her young. Those same tavern gossips claim that she speaks with all the animals and plants of the swamp, can control the weather and knows the "mind" of the wetlands. As unlikely as it sounds, much of this is probably true.

Physical Appearance

Shegrotha is ancient. Centuries are etched in the wrinkles of her withered face. Her extreme age hides her true heritage, but she is most likely half-orc. Her long stringy grey hair falls loose about her face and shoulders. Her heaving bulk and crooked spine are buried beneath layers of ragged and dirty robes. She leans heavily on a gnarled staff and a tattered shawl is always about her shoulders. Her right eye is a sightless, milky orb (although one tale suggests that the white eye merely sees something else).


There are many tales of travelers becoming lost in the swamp and finding (or being found by) her. She is often described as grumpy and taciturn, but ultimately maternal and kindly. Indeed, different stories paint her as either a terrible ogre that cooks children for her dinner or a kindly old witch with always the right spell to help out anyone in need. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

Notable Skills

Though tales about Shegrotha often conflict, they all agree on one fact... she is a powerful sorceress. The plants and animals of the swamp do her bidding. Indeed, it is said the very swamp obeys her command. She is the keeper of ancient lore and wields an arsenal of potent spells. There is no one in all the realms that can equal her skill in herbalism and alchemy. Indeed, brewing enchanted potions and strange elixirs is her specialty. She spends much of her time wandering the Trackless Mire gathering ingredients for her potions.


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