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"A citizen lives knowing that honor is the foundation of all character. He protects the weak and helpless, aids and comforts the less fortunate. He upholds the rights of others while defending his own."
- Calum Theoric, First Knight of Barrinor.

Proper Name The Kingdom of Arkalia
Ruler His Most Noble Majesty, Defender of the Western Realms, Right Hand of the Church of Barrinor, Protector of the True Faith, Commander of the High Guard, King Hosric III
Estimated Population 9,200,000
Demographics Human 50%, Elven 20%, Dwarven 8%, Grum 8%, Avarian 7%, Saurian 6%, Ogre 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Arkalian/Arkalians
Languages Northern 80%, Corven 20%
Capital City Strathon (Population: 72,000)
National Colors Blue and silver or white and silver.
Year Founded 714 CY
Currency Northern
Natural Resources Iron, copper, silver, freshwater fish, pigs, sheep, cabbage, potatoes
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Finely crafted metal products especially armor and blades, pork products, sausages, potatoes
Wealth Above Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Very stable.
Allies Normidia, Corvenia, Uthran
Enemies Vorrik, Borrell
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Barrinor
Other Religions Imarus, Sarreth, Semorjon, Mireldokar, Assytia
Climate Temperate
Approximate Land Area 1,340,000 square kilometers
Arable Land 32%
Terrain Grassland, Forest, Rolling Hills


Arkalia is a small but prosperous kingdom renowned for chivalry and honor. It is based on the traditional feudal system with a strict system of titles and territories. The government of Arkalia is intertwined with the church of Barrinor and this religion is the official church of the state. Holy knights and warrior priests are found in great numbers in Arkalia.

Arkalia is mostly human, but enjoys a great deal of dwarven influence in metalcraft. Arkalia has very good relations with most of the races and nations around it. Great numbers of elves, dwarves, avarians and grum live and work in Arkalia. One may even find a few saurians and ogres serving as guards or laborers here and there.

Political tension sometimes exists between Arkalia and Vorrik, though rarely in their history has war broken out between them. Despite these occasional political differences, merchant ships still conduct trade between the two regularly. The only real enemy that Arkalia must tend with are the Borrellians who will sometimes come in the summer to raid the coastal villages of the Captured Sea. 


Arkalia is mostly grassy plains and gently rolling hills with marshlands in the southeast and forested hills in the southwest where the Grand Wood begins. It is bordered on the north by the Captured Sea, on the east by Cauldron Lake and on the south by the Trackless Mire and the Grand Wood Forest. A single road passes between these two regions heading south toward Ithell.

Notable Fauna and Flora

Arkalia conducts a great deal of agriculture and has enough food to feed its people. Potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, turnips and onions are widely grown here.

Pigs are an important livestock in Arkalia and Arkalian farmers breed a rather hefty variety of hog that grows to over 1000 pounds. Dairy cows, beef cattle and chickens are also raised. Game animals in Arkalia include pheasants, peacocks, guinea fowl, rabbits and wild deer.

On the coast, a variety of fish and shellfish such as salmon, eel, pike, roach oysters, mussels and cockles are harvested.

Arkalia is relatively free from wandering monsters and nasty predators. The only nearby threat are the occasional beasts that roam out of the Trackless Mire.


In 712 CY, the capital city of the Irenni League, Se'auri, was attacked and destroyed by a horde of ogres and orcs.  Refugees from Se'auri fled to the nearest major city, Strathon, the head city in the Duchy of Arkalis. The rule of Strathon was Duke Ranold. He was one of the most powerful nobleman outside the capital city of Se'auri, a popular leader and a gifted orator. He opened his city to all of the refugees and welcomed the surviving nobles into his court. At the same time, he marshaled his town militia and sent out word for all able bodied Irenni men to come to Strathon and prepare for battle.

Two weeks later, Duke Ranold led a force of 6000 men to met the ogres and orcs in battle. Although the Irenni militia men were successful and scattered the ogres and orcs, the city of Seauri was lost. Se'auri had been completely burned to the ground.

Over the next year, Duke Ranold worked tirelessly to strengthen the region. Many of the nobles believed it was time to start again. Due to his overwhelming popularity with both the nobles and commoners, there were many that believed Ranold should rule. Finally in 714 CY, backed by dozens of other Irenni nobles, Duke Ranold founded the Kingdom of Arkalia, expanding upon his duchy's name. Arkalia was founded upon Irenni culture and continues many of its traditions.

In the centuries since, Arkalia has rebuilt and restored many of the original Irenni structures. Many of the buildings in the capital city of Strathon are ancient and exhibit the distinctive Irenni style of architecture. Overall, Arkalia is a wealth of Irenni archeological finds. In addition to fragments found throughout the country side and the restored halls in Strathon, the ruins of a large Irenni city can be found on Mountaintop Isle. Although these ruins have been explored thoroughly, no attempt at restoration has yet been made.


Arkalia is a traditional monarchy currently ruled by King Ivan Hosric III. King Hosric is of the same bloodline that has ruled Arkalia for the last 800 years. The government of Arkalia is closely tied to the official state religion, the church of Barrinor. The king traditionally relies on numerous councils and advisors. Chief of these is the Grand Bishop of Barrinor, his Holiness, Lord John Tenral. Serving both High Priest and King are a miscellany of low ranking priests and military officers serving in administrative roles. Legal matters are resolved by the Chief Magistrate who is assisted by a number of magistrates throughout Arkalia.

Legal System

Legal matters are resolved by the Chief Magistrate who is assisted by a number of magistrates throughout Arkalia. Arkalia is fairly strict with regard to fighting within the cities, the possession of weapons and armor, etc. Large, heavy weapons are discouraged and will be confiscated by the city guards. Heavy armor is likewise discouraged. Crimes against the state are dealt with severely. Criminals are brought before and tried by a council of magistrates who sit in judgment with very few restrictions on their authority. Although church and state are somewhat intertwined, Arkalia is surprisingly fair. Servitude to the Church, heavy fines and banishment are typical forms of punishment. The Church of Barrinor has some influence over the political and social atmosphere of the city. Therefore, the city magistrates tend to shy away from execution except for the most horrid criminals. 


The Arkalian military is divided up into four main groups:

  1. Arkalian Royal Navy - A naval force of 15 ships, 85 officers and 650 seamen charged with the task of patrolling the Captured Sea, fighting piracy and defending the kingdom and its waters. 
  2. King's Guard - The main bulk of Arkalia's ground forces, consisting of some 4,000 common footmen, 800 archers and various conscripts and mercenaries. A special division of the King's Guard, some 800 strong, serve as Strathon's city guard.
  3. Arkalian Mounted Regiment - A force of 500 mounted knights who ride heavy war horses and use plate armor, chain barding, broad swords and shields. These cavaliers receive excellent training and equipment.
  4. High Guard - An elite group of paladins. Numbering only 50 and skilled in both steel and spell, these are simply the finest warriors that Arkalia has to offer. They have the best training and equipment available.

The High Guard serves the King and Church of Barrinor directly. They are often on hand at diplomatic ceremonies, guarding the palace grounds and serving at religious holidays. Once each year, at the King's Festival, the Grand Bishop of Barrinor chooses one of the High Guard, whomever he deems most worthy,  to be Praemus Nuchet (First Knight). This high honor is held for a year. During that time, the First Knight is given the privilege to carry the Church's most holy artifact, the Hammer of Barrinor, a massive silver and adamantine hammer which is ensorcelled with the most powerful magic.


Arkalia's economy is based heavily on agriculture, fishing, mining and the production of crafted ironwork. Arkalia trades regularly with Normidia, Corvenia, Vorrik, River Gate and Jannerus. As in all other social concerns, Arkalia strives to be a model of culture and nobility. Its thriving and stable economy based on centuries old craftsmanship is example of this.


A strong tradition of knightly honor exists among the warrior class, akin to the Garrison. Each knight is a skilled and noble warrior - a fighter, a scholar and a gentlemen all in one. This is most apparent in the High Guard, who embody the very essence of knightly virtue. Clad in the finest armor and riding the best steeds, these men are sworn to uphold justice throughout Arkalia. The citizenry love the High Guard and will offer them free meals and free lodging whenever necessary. Such acts find favor with the Church. This tradition of honor saturates the culture. Every blacksmith, brewer and cobbler takes pride in his craft and puts in an honest day's work.


The Kingdom of Arkalia is renowned as a land where courage and a sword can win a man anything. Whether it be in a tournament or on the battle field, to the victor go the spoils. While the knights of the High Guard get most of the glory and wizards are perhaps less common here than in some other nations, magic is still respected here. There are no strict laws limiting the use of magic and Arkalia is home to a few good magic schools.

Festivals and Faires

Perhaps to show off its noble culture and virtuous ways, Arkalia holds a number of large and elaborate fairs, festivals and tournaments.


Arkalian cusine includes a variety of roasts, savory stews, sweet pies and a diverse selection of puddings and desserts. Meat pies are also quite popular. Most meals consist of some sort of stew or pottage cooked in a cauldron over an open fire. Bread is a staple at every meal. Breakfast typically consists of eggs, ham, bacon, tomatoes and bread. Spiced pork is probably the single most popular Arkalian dish and has spawned countless variations.

Important People of Arkalia

King Ivan Hosric III, Ruler of Arkalia

A noble leader and fierce warrior with dark reddish brown hair, neatly trimmed beard and steel grey eyes. His valor and honesty and legendary.  He wears upon his brow the legendary Crown of Kings. This magnificent headpiece is part helm and part crown. It is steel, adamantite and mithril. It bears the likeness of two great wings outstretched and is adorned with 27 precious stones with a huge sapphire at the center. This crown is heavily enchanted and the central sapphire glows.

Queen Daelyn Hosric

A proud and headstrong noblewoman who is as skilled with steel and steed as she is with the pomp and civility of the throne room. She is a young queen, twenty seven years old, much younger than her king. She is renowned for her beauty - an exquisitely sculpted face, athletic body and a mane of flowing brown hair. 

Prince Ivan Hosric IV, Heir Apparent

He is five years old. He is being trained in the basics of swordplay by the House Guard. He has already shown an aptitude for martial discipline. This young lad will one day rule Arkalia.

Grand Bishop Jon Tenral, Supreme Religious Authority of the Church of Barrinor

A heavy man with coal black eyes and a mane of snow white hair. He has the blazing eyes of a zealot during some of his more impassioned sermons. He is a fanatic believer in the martial strength of the Church and the higher purpose of the High Guard.

Calum Theoric, First Knight of Arkalia

Calum Theoric is the pride of Arkalia and something of a prodigy. He is the embodiment of everything that Arkalia stands for: young, handsome, intelligent, honorable, just, well-schooled, virtuous and a terror on the battle field. He was born the privileged son of a former High Guard knight and now follows in his father's footsteps. He has surpassed all expectations by becoming the youngest First Knight in Arkalia's history.

Ayger Berrok, Earl of Korrington

Pronounced AYE-ger Ba-ROCK.. A giant of a man with a rotund frame, short trimmed gray beard and a voice as deep as thunder. He is a former High Guard knight and longs for the glory days of his youth. His blade is proudly hung above the fireplace in his office in the town hall. He dons his armor for special occasions (though lately he has trouble fitting into it). Ayger has a great many tales from his High Guard days and is a master story teller. He often entertains with fabulous tales at the various festivals which Korrington is famous for.

Sven Bolvar, Earl of Newcastle

A tall, powerfully built warrior with long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a handsome, rugged, clean shaven face. He is a man who takes his responsibilities seriously and sometimes shows little humor. He is deeply respected by all of his soldiers and citizens. He commands the soldiers of Newcastle himself, leading the charge onto the battle field. He is a great warrior, but also an intelligent man and a cunning military tactician. His soldiers patrol eastern Arkalia in regular sweeps, but when a tribe of orcs ventures out from the Trackless Mire, Lord Bolvar will gather a massive force and ride far south to the very edge of that great swamp to wipe out the orcish threat. Lord Bolvar is more warrior than diplomat and wears the title of earl uncomfortably. He does not like the "courtly" functions of his station and often sends his herald to Strathon on political matters in his stead.

Erin Finley, Earl of White Spire

An effeminate, frail man of a fastidious and timid nature. He has short, blonde hair, a thin frame and a clean shaven face. He allows his military officers to run the military and his herald to see to the day-to-day affairs of the town. Lord Finley is more concerned with fashionable clothes from Vogue, high society parties and such things than with ruling his lands. He is not an evil man, just one who prefers to leave the less pleasant duties of his station to subordinates. 

Albert Merkalsa, Earl of Bronzedale

A big man with thick red hair and a bushy red beard who likes to dress in black. In battle, he dons black lacquered plate armor. Lord Merkalsa is very proud of the Bronzedale smiths. He realizes that there is a subtle competition between Bronzedale and Stirling. In truth, Merkalsa is somewhat envious of Stirling's position as the supplier of arms and armor to the High Guard, but he would never admit it. Secretly, Lord Merkalsa hopes to usurp that position one day.

Calbert Shreidar, Earl of Edgewood

A respected community leader and a man of quiet dignity and intelligence. He is well liked by all and deeply concerned with his land and his people. He has a trace of elven blood and works hard to maintain cordial relations with the elves of the Grandwood. 

Malcolm Teroth, Earl of Stirling

A haughty, arrogant man who looks down upon the common man with contempt and disdain. Lord Teroth is quite proud of the "Stirling tradition" of quality and has no doubt of the superiority of Stirling metalwork over all others. He smugly looks down on the smiths of Bronzedale with disdain.

Jerran Alden, Lord Marshall of the King's Guard

The highest ranking military officer outside of the High Guard is the Lord Marshall of the King's Guard, a post currently occupied by Jerran Alden. A slim man of curly dark hair and neatly trimmed salt and pepper beard. He is quick with a blade and is a good teacher. He is also a skilled brawler  and often engages in sparring duels of unarmed combat. 

Bernard Aldrich, Chief Magistrate of Arkalia

The Chief Magistrate is the highest ranking judge in the nation. He is responsible for the interpretation of the King's Laws and determines fines, punishments and legal policies. He is assisted by a number of lesser magistrates scattered throughout the nation in every town.

Conlan Vinnar, Captain of the Flagship and Fleet Commander of Arkalian Royal Navy

Conlan Vinnar is a short man with short red hair and beard, a pug-nosed unpleasant face and three small parallel scars across his right cheek (from a fight with a phellysian). Fleet Commander Vinnar is a harsh commander with an abrasive confrontational personality and a sharp tongue. However, he is also a master mariner, a skilled navigator and a cunning tactician. He commands the entire Arkalian fleet with an iron hand and unswerving confidence. 

Tayen Kendrick, General of the Arkalian Mounted Regiment

Lord Kendrick is the leader of the Arkalian Mounted Regiment (the common knights of Arkalia). Some jealousy of the High Guard is perhaps unavoidable. What the King's Guard lack in quality, they make up for in numbers. Taven Kendrick is a skilled leader who manages the herculean logistics of this unwieldy group with ease all the while keeping an eye on the High Guard and seeking any opportunity for improvement in his own men.

Lothar Roalyn, Jousting Champion of Arkalia

Sir Roalyn is a frequent competitor in various contests in Korrington and Strathon. He is particularly good at jousting and currently holds the title. He is a member of the High Guard and probably one of the finest combatants of that group, but his magical skills are lacking, some say.

Matriach Jesari Hon, Leader of the Golconda

Jesari Hon is a handsome older woman of long brown hair and shapely figure. She has a throaty voice and serious demeanor which give a slight edge to her otherwise maternal nature. Having arisen through the ranks of this sisterhood, she cares deeply for the women under her charge and has seen the organization from all levels. No one is more aware than she of the prejudice women face in a man's world. She is a headstrong woman who hopes to provide the example that her followers need.

Master Voshni, Leader of the Sarshang Brotherhood

An ancient man of boundless wisdom. Notable by his snow white hair, watery gray eyes and quiet smile. Master Voshni has been a member of the Sar'shang his entire life and it is whispered that he is over 150 years old. Voshni speaks 14 languages, is a master of martial arts despite his advanced years and has traveled the continent from end to end. He has studied all topics and is a student of many philosophies, particularly ancient Ranyku and Yntharian lore. Master Voshni is deeply respected by all members of the Sar'shang Brotherhood. Should anyone harm this old man they would find themselves hunted by hundreds of his students. Master Voshni makes his home at the central home of the Sar'shang, a remote monastery in the wilderness along the northeastern edge of the Grand Wood in southern Arkalia.

Common Names

Male Names

Aleksandar, Ayden, Bernerd, Calbert, Calum, Freduric, Jerran, Jobias, Jon, Malkolm, Reynard


Female Names

Adira, Anjala, Brenna, Cynera, Drisella, Elsbeth, Gybrella, Hagethi, Hamina, Ilresa, Juhana, Kasrada, Klara, Layla, Lisara, Malina, Neruma, Regilla, Sadayla, Sharla, Taliya, Valencia

Notable Noble Family Names

Theoric, Berrok, Bolvar, Finley, Merkalsa, Shreidar, Teroth, Alden, Aldrich, Vinnar, Kendrick


Name Population Notes
Korrington 31,700 Korrington is a medium sized city upriver of Strathon and considered by many to be the cultural center of Arkalia. Each year Korrington holds the Baron's Fair (which holds some of the best tournaments to be found anywhere), the Autumn Festival and the Winter Parade.
Newcastle 28,700 Newcastle refers both to the fortified castle which lies east of Strathon on the lakeshore and the city which has grown up around it. Newcastle guards eastern Arkalia, monitors Corvenian activity, operates patrols as far south as the Trackless Mire and maintains a well equipped harbor for the Arkalian fleet.
White Spire 17,200 A beautiful city of towering spires made of white marble and mansions on the beach. This small city is home to the cultural elite and playground for the wealthy. Many of Arkalia's highest ranking citizens have second homes here. White Spire conducts exploration of local ruins and is also officially responsible for the protection and development of Mountain Top Isle.
Bronzedale 15,500 This small city is the mining center of Arkalia and produces most of the armor and weapons for Arkalian soldiers. Within 40 kilometers of the city, Bronzedale operates a quarry, a huge iron mining operation and a smaller copper mining site. Bronzedale lies 256 kilometers due west of Strathon.
Edgewood 11,600 Named for its location, Edgewood lies in the far west of Arkalia where the terrain transitions from plains and forested hills. Edgewood has a small school, a good library and decent wizard's guild.
Stirling 8,900 Situated at the highest navigable point on the Skain River, Stirling is a smithing and metal working center. This small city is home to many of the finest smiths and produces hammers for Barrinor priests and full plate armor for the High Guard. Stirling, along with Newcastle, helps guard against creatures that occasionally roam out of the Trackless Mire.

Villages (Population less than 1,000)

Arington, Bailey, Blackwell, Bogwater, Bright Lake, Castle-on-Sea, Commons, Farigun, Garvey, Greaves, Hadrun, Joust, Knight, Lestreanne, Orick, Prymar, Rienart, Silvervale, Trask, Vicker

Travel and Distance

Arkalia has a network of mixed roads. Major roads leading to the capital city are paved, but outlying regions have older unpaved dirt roads. For more information, see the Travel and Distance page.

      Typical Travel Time
Route Terrain/Road Conditions Distance Walking Wagon/Cart Horse
Strathon - White Spire Paved Road 326 km 14 days 10 days 6 days
Strathon - Korrington Paved Road 111 km 5 days 4 days 3 days
Strathon - New Castle Paved Road 137 km 6 days 4 days 3 days
Korrington - New Castle Paved Road 132 km 6 days 4 days 3 days

New Castle - Thunder Falls (Corvenia)

Paved Road 309 km 13 days 9 days 6 days
Korrington - Stirling Paved Road 184 km 8 days 6 days 4 days
Stirling - White Spire Paved Road 441 km 18 days 13 days 9 days
Bronzedale - Edgewood Paved Road 306 km 13 days 9 days 6 days
Stirling - Edgewood Paved Road 531 km 22 days 16 days 10 days
White Spire - Tykron (Normidia) Paved Road 521 km 21 days 15 days 10 days
White Spire - Jensen (Normidia) Paved Road 559 km 23 days 16 days 11 days
Bronzedale - River Gate Dirt Road 521 km 22 days 17 days 10 days
Edgewood - East Gate (Uthran) Dirt Road 520 km 22 days 17 days 10 days
Edgewood - Laris (Cyrell) Dirt Road 1,008 km 43 days 32 days 19 days
Edgewood - Greenleaf (Jannerus) Dirt Road 1,661 km 70 days 53 days 31 days


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