The World Of Khoras - The Cultured Races - Humans

The corvenians are not geographically isolated, but are a self contained society with self imposed traditions of cultural purity. For many centuries, the corvenians forbade themselves to marry or breed with foreigners. This has resulted in a unique evolutionary path. This human variant is very in tune with the magical energy field. For them, magic is simply an extension of themselves. It is as natural as breathing. Hence, all corvenians are capable of casting spells, regardless of gender or age, and without formal training. However, corvenian magic is weak. And because they rely on it for everything, many races see the corvenians as soft and weak. As a race, the corvenians have produced very few great wizards or warriors. Corvenians are known for the brilliant pale blue eyes. They are usually soft bodied and have curly hair.

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