The World Of Khoras - The Cultured Races


Of all the races, the humans are the oldest, the most diverse, the most widespread and the most populous. Humans have settled in and thrived in almost every part of the world and branched out into dozens of distinct subraces. While there are some minor physical variations, all of these subraces are considered human.

Alakubu The indigenous primitive tribesmen of the Fire Isles
Anquarans The native people that dominate western Qeshir, primarily the Kingdom of Anquar.
Aukarians The people of central Aggradar, primarily found in the Aukarian Republic.
Bathyns Proud, free spirited human subrace found in western plains of Ithria.
Chaddamarians The dominant human race of eastern Aggradar.
Corvenians An isolated pocket of humankind directly descended from the Irenni, found in central Ithria.
Easterners The core human race found through most of eastern and central Ithria.
Eshtari The eshtari are primitive farmers and fishermen. They are easily distinguished by their dark skin, long hair and colorful dress. Their society is a peaceful one and the mindset of the eshtari is serene. 
Juenta A collection of tiny human kingdoms found in the Broadlands of Qeshir.
Myrians A primitive race of humans that live throughout the wilds of southwestern Ithria.
Mytharians Nomadic horsemen of the central and southereastern grasslands of Qeshir.
Northerners The collected peoples of northern Ithria.
Omarin The native primitives that survive in the Desolation of northeastern Aggradar.
Padashani The dominant human race of Qeshir, found primarily in the vast Padashan Empire.
Sea Gypsies Seafaring vagabonds that live their lives out on ships, moving from island to island. Considered little more than thieves and beggars, sea gypsies travel in familial communities on small heavily laden ships that wander the Sea of Chaos and the Sapphire Main.
Southerners The various human subraces of the southern islands and coasts of Ithria.
Tomarin The human subrace native to northwestern Aggradar found mainly in the Iron States.


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