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Sendrixar, the Life Drinker

By Sendrixar the Life Drinker be this blade known.
Forged in the heart of the Mountain Fortress, in fires bright, with magic black,
Death was bound to its edge. Its steel bites deep through
strength and soul to feed its dark master.

Other Names The Accursed Blade
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

This legendary long sword is forged of shadow steel and decorated with a skull and bone motif at the crossguard, handle and pommel. Runes in some demonic language run the length of the blade. These runes glow always.


This powerful weapon was forged in the deepest dungeons beneath the Citadel toward the end of the Age of Sorrow. It was forged by dwarven masters held captive by cruel ogre lords. It was then enchanted by Sargran himself and the first generation of Black Sorcerers in 818 CY. At least ten of those dark masters lent their power to its creation. It was forged for the Knights of the Abyss, the warrior knights of the Church of Draxorith, of which Sargran was a member. He was instrumental in bringing the worship of Draxorith to Duthelm. This weapon is intimately tied to the earliest years of the Black Sorcerers, the Citadel and Duthelm. This ancient blade is currently the primary weapon of Sirreth the Unholy, the leader of the Knights of the Abyss.


This enchanted blade can only be wielded by an undead master. In the hands of a living creature, this weapon becomes heavy and unwieldy. In the hands of an undead creature, this weapon is light, agile and seems to move almost by its own will. It is enchanted to hit hard and bite deep. On any hit that strikes the flesh of a living creature, the blade draws forth a portion of the life essence of the creature and bestows it as healing upon the undead wielder. 

Drellis Effect Response

The magic of this blade is unaffected by the stellar phases.


"Sendrixar" means "life drinker" in the ogrish tongue. Orcs, especially the orcs of Duthelm, called this blade "Xykul" which is the orcish word for "drinker".

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