The World Of Khoras - Magic - Arcana

Any object which is primarily designed as a weapon - swords, daggers, hammers, darts, spears, catapults, siege engines, etc.


Name Description
Athaldrin, the Light of Arradan A broadsword designed to slay demons.
Blades of Elarim A set of finely crafted blades imbued with lightning magic.
Dracarius The dragon blade.
Elm Slayer A blade that hates plants.
Entrari A blade that can be anything.
Fatebreaker A lucky blade with can respin the strands of time.
Fireclaw An enchanted blade forged of flame.
Horgash the Orc Cleaver A heavy blade enchanted to kill orcs.
Necros A bone sword that destroys undead.
Sendrixar, the Life Drinker A terrible weapon crafted in Duthelm to serve a dark master.
Trisark's Stormblades Twin blades imbued with "storm magic".
Wintershard A weapon imbued with ice magic.

Bows, Arrows and Other Projectile Weapons

Name Description
Arrow of Tidings An arrow for delivering a message.
Backbiter A cursed arrow that strikes from behind.
Bloodseeker Arrows An arrow that can be targeted to specific prey.
Grayliff's Arrow of Endless Persistence An arrow that tries more than once.
Hammerhead Arrow A siege weapon in a quiver.
Iron Viper Arrow An arrow that hunts the victims heart.
Lightning Bow A bow that turns arrows into energy.
Phase Arrow An arrow that can shoot through walls.
Teleport Arrow A rapid, short range teleport.
Winterfang Arrow An freezing arrow that encases its target in ice.

Other Melee Weapons

Name Description
Bone Crusher A demonic hammer that induces battle frenzy.
Dragon Dagger A dagger designed to kill saurians.
Skull Mace The perfect weapon for an evil cleric.
Whip of Agony A demon spawned sentient whip of bones.

Exotic Weapons

Name Description
Boshak's Iron Fist An enchanted iron fist that replaces a severed hand and grants power.
Rust Grenade The name says it all. Useful against metal golems.
Shredder A spinning whirlwind of barbed chains.


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