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Phase Arrow

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Category Weapon
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

Phase arrows come in a variety of designs and make look like any arrow. Quite often, they have a nasty barbed and multi-pronged head.


These arrows are a recent development and were first used in the First Demon War, most likely an invention of the Black Sorcerers. Since that time they have appeared in numerous battles across Ithria.  The magical formula for their design is known to a few powerful wizards. They are difficult to manufacture and expensive to make. The cost and manufacturing requirements have kept them relatively rare. However, they have proven very effective in many battles.


When fired, this arrow will become ghostly and semi-translucent. In this state, it will pass through any solid matter doors, walls, armor, etc. It will only re-solidify into a normal arrow upon penetrating a living body. Upon a hit, the arrow resolidifies and tears into the flesh of the target causing massive damage with its hook and blade clustered tip.

If the arrow does not encounter a flesh and blood target within 500 meters (as in the case of a miss), it will transition into the ethereal plane permanently and is lost forever. If it hits its target and does damage, the arrow can be retrieved and re-used.

It should be noted that this arrow is not intelligent and its phase ability simply reacts to whatever material it passes through. It will pass straight through golems, automatons and undead without causing damage. Such creatures are not "recognized" as living creatures.

When phased the arrow will pass through any spells that will keep out physical objects. However, there are some spells that will block this arrow, even when phased.

Drellis Effect Response

This arrow will not function during a Drellis phase.



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