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This section describes a brief sampling of some of the more unusual or rare magic items on Khoras. It is, by no means, a complete listing of magic items in the world of Khoras. 

Some worlds describe themselves as "high fantasy" (magic is everywhere) and others describe themselves as "low fantasy" (magic is rare and wondrous). Khoras is what I call a "balanced world". Powerful enchanted objects, god-like wizards and potent spells are RARE. Charms and potions, hedge wizards and simple spells are common.

The average village might have a single hedge wizard, the average town a dozen hedge wizards and one serious scholar of spellcraft. The average city might have a small wizard's guild and one master. But only one true wizard might be found in all a nation. A similar pattern of commonality exists with enchanted items. Potions, scrolls and single-use items are relatively easy to acquire or even purchase. However, powerful items are few and far between. And very powerful items might be found only once in a generation for an entire nation.

Category Description
Alchemy Potions, elixirs, powders, resins, ointments and other "brewed" magic..
Armor Shields, helmets, breastplates and other defensive items.
Artifact Legendary artifacts of vast power from the ancient past.
Clothing Boots, gloves, cloaks and other clothing items.
Common Common magic items that may be purchased.
Device Rods, staves and wands.
Jewelry Rings, medallions, necklaces and other decorative items.
Miscellaneous Anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories.
Text Books, scrolls, seals and other written material.
Tool Any common tool - hammer, shovel, saw, etc.
Weapon Any weapon - blade, bow, arrow, lance, battle axe, war hammer.


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