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Alchemy is the study of innate magical energies in various substances of the natural world and the art of identifying, extracting, distilling, combining and changing these natural resources to produce useful products. Such "useful products" typically include potions, drugs, medicines, elixirs, powders, pastes, poultices and so on. The substances used in alchemy are equally varied... almost any part of nature, including the ground under foot, could be a potential ingredient. Minerals, rocks, crystals, animal flesh, blood, teeth, fur, scales, feathers, seeds, leaves, roots, tubers and so forth could all possess some innate magical essence which could be useful in the creation of a potion or other alchemical product.

Alchemy is an ancient lore that is passed down through the generations from teacher to pupil. In learning the art of alchemy, a student learns many skills - how to identify and analyze alchemical sources, how to extract and distill ingredients and how to read and follow the ancient recipes and formulae for producing specific potions and elixiers.

Alchemy is counted as one of the major disciplines of magic, that is, one of the primary classifications of magical learning. However, it should be noted, that alchemy is the only magical discipline that can be learned by anyone, regardless of their magical ability. Because alchemy involves only mundane skills (gathering ingredients, mixing, brewing, etc) it is theoretically possible for anyone to learn those skills and brew magical ingredients. However, alchemy is typically only studied by those who also pursue the study of magic.

There are a few rare potions that combine complex alchemical recipes with actual spellcraft. In other words, spells are cast upon the potion during its creation. Such potions can only be created by a wizard or other person with true spell ability.

Name Describes the common name used by alchemists.
Appearance A physical description of the form, color, smell and taste of the healing potion itself. Also describes typical containers and so forth.
Formula Dispersion Indicates how widely known the formula is for creating the potion.
Frequency Gives a general indication of how scarce the potion is and how often it can be found for sale.
Formula Complexity The complexity of the potion's formula and difficulty in correctly brewing it.
Critical Ingredients Lists any exceptionally rare or difficult-to-obtain ingredients required for the specific potion.
Preparation Time The amount of time required to brew the potion.
Market Value The typical cost for the potion.
Half Life The length of time before the efficacy of the potion is half strength.
Toxicity Indicates whether there are any toxic side effects to the potion.



Name Frequency Market Value Description
Agmar's Augmenter Uncommon 150 gp per bottle A powerful transformative potion.
Agrinyr's Soul Dust Rare 450 gp per pouch A necromantic powder for creating undead.
Cleaving, Oil of Rare 300 gp per bottle Oil that breaks apart defenses.
Concentrated Water Common 3 gp per drop A convenient way to transport water in the desert.
Darksight Common 150 gp per bottle Grants the ability to see in the dark.
Deathsleep Potion Uncommon 100 gp per bottle A potent sleep potion.
Dragonspittle Common 75 gp per jar An effective fire-based missile weapon.
Firebelly Potion Common 100 gp per bottle Firebreath and cold resistance.
Flamequenching, Oil of Common 150 gp per bottle Fire resistance oil.
Healing Potions Varies Varies A broad category that includes a variety of potions that heal.
Landblight Rare 350 gp per bottle Plant destruction.
Lightsleep Potion Common 50 gp per bottle A way to stay on guard during sleep.
Liquid Armor Rare 350 gp per bottle A defensive liquid that coats the user like metal skin.
Liquid Gravity Very Rare 600 gp per bottle Barriers and bonds in liquid form.
Nature's Spawning Very Rare 1500 gp per bottle Accelerated plant growth.
Purity, Potion of Uncommon 150 gp per bottle Converts seawater to fresh and neutralizes poisons.
Salve of Blade Binding Rare 300 gp per bottle A healing salve which you don't put on the wound.
Veil of Many Faces Rare 400 gp per application A liquid disguise applied to the face.


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