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Liquid Gravity

Appearance Bright blue glowing liquid
Formula Dispersion Very limited
Frequency Very rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Stonebeak Eggs, Glow Tree Resin, Fyrren Crystal Grains, Myrtak Jelly
Preparation Time 4-6 days
Market Value 600 gp per bottle
Half Life One month
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

Liquid Gravity appears as a glowing blue syrupy liquid. The liquid is abnormally heavy and it is almost always kept in an enchanted flask or bottle that offsets the weight.


This potion is ancient. Historical records mention the use of this potion several times during the Great War. However, the Yamed Gollek, an ancient Irenni book of myth and fables, includes a story about a witch named Nabovanta who tricked a demon and used a potion like this to trap it, bind it and then cut out its heart. The description of that potion in the book greatly resembles the modern potion.

In any case, this potion has been around for very long time. The formula and spells required to create this potion are known to only a few powerful wizards and guilds. It is considered a very advanced formula and it is not given out lightly.


This bizarre alchemical concoction requires a number of powerful spells be cast over it during the creation process. The formulae and spells needed are quite complex and it can only be brewed by a powerful wizard and talented alchemist. As such, it is an exceedingly rare brew.

This liquid has a two main uses.

If poured on the ground in a line, it will create an invisible barrier. This line can be poured in a circle forming a complete and impassible perimeter. Such a perimeter line could conceivably protect a small camp. A single bottle provides enough liquid to form a line 16 meters long or a circle about 5 meters in diameter. This effect lasts 8 hours at which time the magic is expended and the perimeter will vanish in a flash of blue flame.

The liquid itself has tremendous weight and, if poured out, even small doses can be used to weigh things down. Hurling a splash of this in combat would be an effective weapon. The weight of the liquid could pin an opponent to the ground. This effect lasts for one hour before the liquid disappears in a flash of blue flame.

This potion is not intended to be consumed. If ingested, it will cause severe stomach aches and illness that will incapacitate the drinker for many hours.

The tremendous weight of this liquid makes it difficult to transport. Therefore, the container is almost always enchanted to magically offset the weight and make the potion manageable.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will function during any stellar phase.




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