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Appearance Dark, oily fluid.
Formula Dispersion Widely known.
Frequency Common
Formula Complexity Simple
Critical Ingredients Shadebloom
Preparation Time 6-12 hours
Market Value 150 gp per bottle
Half Life Six months.
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

Darksight appears as a dark, oily liquid. Darksight is typically kept in a tiny, slender glass bottles with about 30 drops. The glass stopper typically has an elongated bottom that allows the fluid to be dripped into the eyes.


It is unknown who original created this potion, but darksight potion has been around a long time, appearing in historical records that predate the Great War.  For centuries, it has been an invaluable tool for soldiers, explorers, miners, hunters and anyone else who may find themselves in dark conditions. The formula is very common and is known to almost all wizards, guilds, schools and apothecary shops. It is a simple formula and one that is often used in early alchemical training.


A few drops of this magical fluid in each eye will grant the user dark vision. Simply put, the user will be able to see in the dark. The potion works by making the eye very sensitive to light. While under the influence of this potion, bright lights may temporarily blind an individual for several minutes.

This potion also grants a form of “heat vision”. Therefore, the user can see even in absolute darkness by seeing minor temperature fluctuations in walls and floors and so forth. Such heat vision is crude and only basic shapes can be made out. Small details and colors can not be seen. Living creatures that give off body heat, however, can be clearly seen at a great distance in total darkness. The effect lasts one hour for each drop placed in the eye.  It is not necessary to medicate both eyes, although treating only one eye will result in a headache.

Bright sunlight will be painfully uncomfortable to someone under the influence of this potion. However, a unique property of this potion is that continuous bright light will quickly dispel the potion’s effects. It is likely that this was designed into the potion by its creator. A few minutes of discomfort under bright light dispels the magic and allows the user to resume normal vision quickly rather than having to wait for the full duration to expire.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will not function during a Drellis phase.


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