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Deathsleep Potion

Appearance Bright green liquid.
Formula Dispersion Average
Frequency Uncommon
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Bear Fat, Leafy Spider Toxin, Firestar Pollen
Preparation Time 12-18 hours
Market Value 100 gp per bottle (typically contains 10 doses)
Half Life One year.
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

Deathsleep potion is a bright green liquid. It is strong unpleasant odor and a metallic taste. It will dissolve completely in water and other liquids.


Deathsleep Potion is an old recipe with several variations of the formula predating the Great War. The modern formula is widely known to wizards, guilds and schools. It can be found in most apothecaries. It is a common sleep aid used by the wealthy. To a lesser extent, it has been used for more nefarious purposes by warriors, burglars and assassins.


Deathsleep potion is named so because, it is often said, “a single dose will make you sleep like the dead”. This is a exaggeration, but only slightly. Deathsleep is a potent sleep potion. Dosage is important and the effects vary considerably based on how much is consumed.

A single swallow of this liquid will cause comfortable and deep sleep through the night. Two doses will cause the drinker to instantly fall into a sleep so deep that that loud noises will not wake the person. A triple dose will knock a person out and not even physical assault (slapping or kicking) will awaken the person. The effect of this potion lasts 6-9 hours.

This potion is most effective when consumed and ingested. However, it is partially effective if it is delivered into the bloodsteam through a wound (or applied to a blade).

A very large quantity (6 or more doses) will cause a comatose like state, which greatly resembles death. Breathing and heart rate will both slow down to a barely perceptible level. This state of "false death" will last anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will not function during a drellis phase.


It is possible to sneak this into someone's food, but because of the potion's taste and smell, only strongly flavored food or drink would be able to mask the potion.


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