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Triselda's Elixir of Nature's Spawning

Appearance Glowing green liquid.
Formula Dispersion Very Limited.
Frequency Very Rare
Formula Complexity Very Complex
Critical Ingredients Bloodroot, Orichcalcum Powder, Karthasian Eggsac Fluid, Faerie Wing
Preparation Time 4 Weeks
Market Value 1500 gold pieces per bottle
Half Life One month.
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

The Nature's Spawning potion appears as a thick glowing green fluid. It is often found in heavy iron flasks with wax covered corks. It smells of earth and rain and flowers.


Triselda was a talented 14th century grumman alchemist who was born amidst the Grumman Clan Wars of 1309 CY. Throughout her long career, she created many useful alchemical items. Her two greatest creations were Landblight and Nature's Spawning, created in 1377 and 1380 CY respectively. When a case of her potions was stolen, they found their way into the hands of a local duke who used both potions to attack a rival. The landblight potion was used to destroy farmland while the Nature's Spawning potion was used destroy the rival's castle.

Horrified that her work had been turned into a weapon, she destroyed all bottles of those two potions and burned the recipes to both. The duke imprisoned her and demanded that she make more. She refused. Threatened with torture, she finally relented but then used the lab to concoct a poison and killed herself rather than give in. Unbeknownst to her, her treacherous apprentice had made copies of both formulae. It took him years to learn enough alchemy to actually make them correctly. He eventually sold both potions to different wizards over the years. The formulae for both potions are complex and difficult to make so they have been generally restricted to powerful sorcerers with a great talent in alchemy. These two formulae are now known to only a few wizards and guilds.


As the counterpart to Land Blight, the Nature’s Spawning potion causes rapid and permanent vegetative growth. A single drop will cause a random plant to grow rapidly. The plant will always be appropriate to the region and will be of a variety which already grows in the area. An entire bottle will cause a small forest to grow in seconds. The forest would be approximately 200 meter radius (or roughly , 23 acres). If poured into the sands of a desert, a tropical oasis would be produced. The plants and trees that grow are real and living examples of their species. The plants themselves are non-magical and normal in every way. They are vulnerable to everything that their species is normally vulnerable to.

It should be noted that the plants actually do grow… centuries of growth are compressed into seconds. This could be used as an effective weapon. For instance, if this potion were poured onto the ground at the right location, it could be used to severely damage a castle or destroy a village. Trees rushing up out of the ground could easily shatter walls and destroy buildings.

Other creative uses include hurling it into the path of a charging army. While not lethal, it would certainly disrupt a heavy cavalry charge and would slow down an advancing army.

If this potion is consumed by a person, the drinker will suffer severe stomach cramps, vomiting and weakness. The effects last several hours.

If mixed with Triselda’s Elixir of Desolation, the two potions will explode. Based on anecdotal evidence, the explosion is powerful enough to blow a small lab apart and can be lethal.

If the two potions mentioned above are both consumed within one hour, the results are similar… in other words, lethal and messy.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will function during any stellar phase.


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