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Firebelly Potion

Appearance Yellow orange liquid.
Formula Dispersion Widely known.
Frequency Common
Formula Complexity Average
Critical Ingredients Dithwon Petals, Methkari Crystal Chips, Skrell Black Powder
Preparation Time 4 hours
Market Value 100 gp per bottle
Half Life Three years.
Toxicity Moderate.

Physical Description

Firebelly potion is a mixture of two liquids - one bright yellow and the other orange. These two liquids churn about each other constantly without ever truly mixing.


Originally developed in the 15th century by a saurian spellcaster. He was a devotee of the draconian faith and he created this potion so that he and other saurians could mimic their dragon gods. In the last 1200 years, the formula has been copied and distributed far and wide. It is now a common formula available in more kingdoms. Firebelly potion is very popular among saurians for the firebreathing ability. It is also popular in the northern kingdoms that endure brutally cold winters.


This potion, once consumed, creates an intense warmth throughout the body. This makes the user completely immuned to cold. The user's body will radiate intense heat. His skin will feel hot to the touch. Ice will rapidly melt under his touch.

In addition, the user will be able to exhale a stream of fire. This fiery cloud will be cone shaped, roughly 2 meters wide at its furthest point and about 5 meters long. The user will be capable of 7-10 exhalations total before the fiery breath is exhausted. The other effects, however, continue for the full duration.

The effects of this potion last 7-12 hours.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will not function during a Drellis phase.




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