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Appearance Thick green slime.
Formula Dispersion Widely known.
Frequency Common
Formula Complexity Average
Critical Ingredients Orc Blood, Glowstone Powder, Sunfish Flesh, Trollskin
Preparation Time 3 days
Market Value 75 gold pieces per jar
Half Life One year.
Toxicity None.


Physical Description

Dragonspittle appears as a thick, green slime which is usually stored in crude glass bottles or ceramic jars sealed with wax or corks. These containers are fragile and usually quite large, storing as much as two gallons of the alchemical substance. Dragonspittle is very sticky.


Dragonspittle is an ogre weapon and was likely devised by an ogre or orcish wizard or shaman centuries ago. The recipe for creating this dangerous alchemical substance has been distributed far and wide among ogrish and orcish shamans, wizards and warrior. It is known that Dragonspittle potions were used at the fall of the Citadel and probably predates even that.


Dragonspittle is a magical and alchemical creation. It combines a careful mix of volatile ingredients with orcish sorcery. Dragonspittle is a thick, sticky jelly that burns fiercely when exposed to air. It is usually contained in fragile glass bottles that are thrown. When the glass container shatters, the Dragonspittle explodes, sending globs of the burning jelly everwhere. Dragonspittle is enchanted such that is expands greatly and the individual droplets and globs will flow across any surface they come in contact with. Droplets of dragonspittle will crawl across surfaces on their own, even flowing up walls. Dragonspittle is very effective at starting huge fires quickly. It burns fiercely for several minutes and nothing short of magic can extinquish it.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.


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