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Oil of Cleaving

Appearance Bright white glowing and bubbling fluid.
Formula Dispersion Limited
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Etherbane Flesh, Borrellian Eye Membrane
Preparation Time 3 days
Market Value 300 gp per bottle
Half Life Four years.
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

Oil of Cleaving appears as a thick, sticky fluid that has the color of milk. It has a foul stench that burns the nostrils. It sticks to any surface it comes in contact with. Because it was designed as a missile weapon, it is almost always found in fragile glass containers that shatter upon impact. Often, such containers will be permanently sealed with fused glass stoppers or melted brass caps. Such glass containers are often carried in special padded wooden boxes, typically containing four bottles of the oil, to prevent accidental breakage during transport.


This oil was first concocted in 2246 CY by Trangenar, a Vorrikan Battle Mage with a flair for alchemy. It was based upon descriptions found in historical texts that described a similar weapon used by the Traxx Legion during the Great War. Trangenar created his version specifically for dealing with some of the more heavily armored beasts and monsters that orcish raids brought to bear against Vorrik.

The recipe was kept a secret by the Academy of War Mages for a long time until a renegade battle mage took the formula in 2481 CY and sold it to the Arcane Order in Carrikos. In the last 200 years, it is been traded, sold, copied and given to others. Even so, the formula is still known to only a few and the potion itself is hard to find.


This liquid has several uses all of which have to do with weakening or destroying an enemy's defenses.

First, it will cleave and shatter any stone, metal or wood surface it touches. A single drop of this liquid will shatter a fist sized stone. An entire bottle, hurled with force, would reduce a thick stone wall to rubble in seconds. A heavy wooden door could be blown apart with one bottle. Exact effects vary depending on the nature of the target and the amount of potion that makes contact with the surface.

Similarly, if hurled against a mechanized automaton or a fully armored knight, it would shatter armor and destroy joints. This would cause devastating damage to an automaton or leave the knight defenseless. Enchanted objects have a chance to resist the effect.

Although it was not originally intended for this use, it can be used against living creatures. If used against an animal, any scales, feathers or fur will immediately fall out living bare flesh exposed. This has little effect against humans and others that normally have only skin. However, it can be very effective against beasts and monsters that have thick hides, armored scales and so forth.

The effects of the potion are instantaneous and permanent.

Drellis Effect Response

Does not function during a Drellis effect.




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