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Salve of Blade Binding

Appearance Thick red paste.
Formula Dispersion Limited.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Demonhorn Petals, Iron Eater Orbs, Sarthak Brain Fluid
Preparation Time 4-5 days
Market Value 300 gold pieces per cylinder
Half Life Five years if properly stored.
Toxicity None.


Physical Description

This interesting salve is a thick red paste with the smell of burnt leather. It is often found in small metal cylinders with air tight lids.


This salve was developed by a Buran Harak Hammerfist Trimell, a dwarven trimell (wizard), during the War of Caverns. During one of the larger battles, a slave soldier of the sarthak mortally wounded Gramus Harak Hammerfist, the chieftain of the Hammerfist clan and Buran's grandfather. The healers were unable to save their lord. In desperation to save his grandfather's life, Buran went to his lab and concocted this salve. As a matter of historic interest, the salve worked perfectly and Gramus was saved and went on to rule the Hammerfist clan for another 78 years.

The salve proved very popular over the years and the formula has been spread to neighboring nations. It has been used by the dwarves of the north in numerous conflicts with the orcish tribes of northern Ithria. The formula is also known to several wizards in Vorrik, Arkalia, Normidia and Corvenia now.


When this salve is smeared upon the edge of any bladed weapon, it will undo any wound that has the weapon has caused in the past nine days. All wounds on all victims of the weapon will magically heal as if they had never taken place. Because the salve is applied to the weapon and not the victim, the victim's presence is not required. They can be anywhere and the healing will still take place. Range is not a factor.

This salve also works on blunt weapons, piercing weapons, rocks, sticks, tavern stools - anything that was used as a weapon. The nature of the weapon does not matter, only the wound and the physical object used to cause the wound.

This salve can only heal wound victims that are still alive. It cannot bring back the dead.

This salve has a long shelf life if kept in an air tight container. If left open and exposed to air, it will dry out and become inert within 24 hours.

Drellis Effect Response

This salve will not function at all if either the weapon (with salve on it) or the wound is exposed to either the light of Drellis or the light of a Drellisian crystal.


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