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Agrinyr's Soul Dust


Appearance Fine white powder.
Formula Dispersion Limited.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Ground bone from a living sacrifice, orichcalcum powder, grave dirt, zombie flesh
Preparation Time 6 hours
Market Value 450 gold pieces per pouch of powder
Half Life Five years.
Toxicity None.



Physical Description

This rare enchanted powder is white and very fine. It is made of ground bone. The powder itself is always cold to the touch and smells of dank soil and rotted meat.


The original formula and incantation was developed by Agrinyr... a vaullian wizard of ill repute who was known for dabbling in dark sorcery and necromancy despite dire warnings and threats from the local wizarding guild. His torn and bloody body was found one night in his home. It was assumed that he had summoned some foul nether fiend that turned on him. The formula for the creation of this foul powder has spread to other parts of the world. It is known to several wizard guilds and schools in Aggradar, but it less known in Qeshir and Ithria.

The manufacture of this powder requires the freshly ground bone taken from someone killed only minutes before. Usually this is a living sacrifice specifically for the creation of this potion. As such, the creation of this potion is considered an evil act and is outlawed in some civilized nations.


This fine white powder can be used in one of two ways: Usually it is sprinkled on the body of someone who has just died (within the last few minutes). But it will also take effect if it is already on a person who dies with the powder on them. In other case, the deceased will be consumed in an unholy green fire which will scorch the flesh of the dead. The victim will then arise as a horrific undead creature - a zombie of fantastic strength which will mindlessly obey the one that created it.

If the person who sprinkled the powder on the victim is not there (elsewhere or dead) then the undead creature will have no master and will rampage and kill indiscriminately.

Regardless of whether it is serving a master or rampaging on its own, the creature will "live" for seven days. At the end of the seven days, it will spontaneously erupt in the same unholy green fire that gave birth to it and will be reduced to ash.

The powder itself is ground bone which must be taken from a living being which is sacrificed during the manufacturing process.

Drellis Effect Response

Interestingly, this powder will only function during a Drellis dominant phase. During any other stellar phase, it has no effect. A zombie created with Agrinar's soul dust will function during any stellar phase.


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