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Liquid Armor

Appearance Thick silvery liquid.
Formula Dispersion Limited.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Ground Arkulyte Crystal Powder, Dythillin Shell, Ashen Mud from the Sea of Ash
Preparation Time 6-8 days
Market Value 350 gold pieces per single dose bottle
Half Life Five years.
Toxicity None.


Physical Description

This rare concoction appears as a thick, silvery fluid which continually flows and surges and bubbles as if alive and trying to escape from its container. It is usually found in decorative iron flasks.  


The originator of this powerful elixir was a Traxxian mage named Harota who developed the original formula during the Great War. The formula and spells needed to brew it have been passed down from master to apprentice for centuries. The original formula has been changed and improved upon.  Only a few wizards and arcane schools currently possess the formula.


When the stopper to the container is undone, this potion will flow out of the container of its own accord. As if alive, it will flow out onto the hand and arm of the person who undid the container and coat that persons skin, flowing quickly, to cover the user's entire body. It coats only the skin, flowing under armor and clothing. This is liquid armor and it forms a flexible, fluid like layer over the skin. This liquid armor is as hard as steel, but moves like liquid, shifting and moving as the skin moves. Although the user can feel it coating his skin, the liquid armor does not impede movement at all. It covers all parts of the outer skin. The eyes, ear and mouth are not covered and the user can speak, see and hear normally.

Liquid armor provides more protection than full plate mail armor and, since it flows under clothing and coats the skin, it can even benefit someone already wearing armor. It essentially forms a second skin. Anyone can benefit from liquid armor. It is ideal for mages and thieves and others who are normally unfamiliar or uncomfortable with standard armor.

The liquid armor potion provides excellent protection, but it has a limited duration. Depending on the exact ingredients used, the method of its preparation, its purity and other factors, liquid armor may last anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour. Even the best possible dose will last no more than an hour.

Drellis Effect Response

During a Drellis cycle, the duration of the liquid armor is reduced by half. During a Karrym phase, it's duration is doubled.


The ingredients for this potion are difficult to obtain and this potion is difficult and expensive to make.


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