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Veil of Many Faces

Appearance Thick red paste..
Formula Dispersion Average.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Shimmer Cat Scales
Preparation Time 5 days
Market Value 400 gold pieces per application
Half Life One year.
Toxicity None.


Physical Description

This thick red paste has no smell and is usually found in small ceramic mugs sealed with wax.


The original recipe for this useful paste has been known for centuries and has been passed down from master to apprentice for ages. It is believed to have been created by the Irenni League mages from the Age of Dreams. This formula is known to many and is not a rare alchemical creation. Because it is a common product of magic and alchemy, magical ways of penetrating this disguise have been devised.


This paste is applied to the face. The user then concentrates on any other person that they are familiar with and the paste will alter their face to mimic that person. One application will last for about an hour. Repeated applications can extend that. A typical jar will have five applications. This paste alters the face only. It does not alter any other features of the user's body.

Drellis Effect Response

If directly exposed to Drellisian sunlight, the magic of the makeup has a 50% chance of developing flaws and may not stand up to close scrutiny.


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