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Potion of Purity

Appearance Bright blue liquid.
Formula Dispersion Limited.
Frequency Uncommon
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Goodberry, Taruba Feather
Preparation Time Two weeks
Market Value 150 gold pieces per bottle
Half Life Four months.
Toxicity None.


Physical Description

A potion of purity is a bright blue liquid that glows slightly. It is usually found in short round glass flasks with spouts to allow the liquid to be poured out in small measurements.


The recipe for this potion is widely available and it can be manufactured by many wizards and guilds. The origin of the original recipe is unknown. Although it is not a rare potion, it is still difficult to brew and expensive to make. This potion is popular among nobles who fear poison. Those with the wealth to match their paranoia can, with this potion, ensure that every drink and every meal is safe. Some wizard guilds make a nice profit by supplying this continual demand.


A single drop of this potion will purify a gallon of sea water and turn it to fresh water. A small splash of this potion (approximately one tenth of the bottle) in a glass of wine, mug of ale or onto a meal will eliminate any poisons, toxins and other impurities (while leaving the flavor unaltered). If consumed, this potion will neutralize any poison which was ingested within the last 10 minutes.

Drellis Effect Response

Does not function during a drellis phase.


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