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Artifacts are ancient magical items from ages past containing vast and potent mystical powers. Almost all artifacts are from the Alliance Mage Lords whose magical supremacy was unchallenged in the years before the Sundering. Many Alliance artifacts were, in fact, weapons fashioned for the Great War. Other relics come to us from distant lands over vast stretches of time... legendary works crafted by the greatest of wizards. Regardless of their origin, artifacts greatly surpass the paltry arcana of today.

Artifacts are unique. Each is a singular item (or a singular set of items). Such is their power that they are virtually impervious to harm - magical or physical. They are likewise ensorcelled with energies so potent that they very often pose a danger to those that risk using them. Artifacts may be difficult to control, may have side effects or, in some cases, may even hold great influence over the user.

Shrouded in myth, the methods of their creation are now lost. Their names and histories may sometimes be found on crumbling scrolls hidden away in old libraries... but sifting truth from legend can be a difficult task. Likewise, a quest to obtain an artifact is no small undertaking and may involve years of searching that might stretch across worlds.

Should such a quest succeed and an artifact be unearthed, he who finds it must be wary. Great power beckons great adversity. Even if such power is mastered, there will also be those who seek it for themselves.


Name Description
Ashod's Flaming Ring A ring infused with elemental fire magic.
Armor of Holrumna A set of seven heavy plate suits of armor enchanted long ago.
Blood Drinker A powerful blade with vampiric properties from the Great War.
Bone Mask of Azul A demonic mask carved from a demon's skull.
Crystal of Ynthar The holiest relic of the Yntharian faith.
Farastu A demon slaying dagger with a legendary creation story.
Jaidor Talisman A powerful talisman with a long history that can create life itself.
Jhelquinn Arrow The most powerful set of arrows ever crafted by a master bowyer.
King's Relics Three fabulous artifacts from the Great War that have shaped the history of Kitar.
Nerrak's Spear of Deathly Command A bone spear infused with evil that enslaves those that it kills.
Oracle of Aramanda A huge and complex machine that can show the future and much more.
Tulyken's Ring A ring that can steal the powers of other magic items.
Wishwine A potion that can perform any miracle.



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