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The Crystals of Ynthar

Other Names The Yntharian Crystal
The Thirded Shard
The Tripartite Crystal
Category Miscellaneous
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

This magnificent crystal is an artifact of the ancient Yntharian religion. It is composed of three separate crystals - an sphere and two three sided pyramids, each descending in size.

The first crystal, known as the Orb of Blood, is 20 cm diameter crystal sphere. It is quite heavy, red in color and appears to have a reddish-orange glow continually churning about inside of it.

The second crystal, known as the Mind Shard, is a three sided pyramid, 17 cm on a side. It is a deep emerald color and likewise illuminated from within by a churning pattern of energy.

The third and final crystal, known as the Essence Crystal, is a small pyramid, shaped exactly as the Mind Shard, but only 10 cm on a side and deep blue in color.

All three crystals can be fitted together. Although they are solid, upon a command they will physically merge into a united crystalline mass. When fit together, the three crystals form a three dimensional version of the symbol of Ynthar. When fitted in this manner, the whole takes on abilities and functions that the individual crystals lacked.



This set of crystals is the most holy artifact of the Yntharian faith. It was created long ago by Ynthar and his followers and was, for centuries, held in the great central temple of the Yntharian faith.

During the Purification Campaigns conducted by the Alliance Mage Lords, members of this religion were persecuted. Many were captured, imprisoned, tortured and executed for crimes against the Alliance. The faithful of Ynthar fought against the Alliance Mage Lords and, subsequently, most of this faith was wiped out. During the Great War, the Temple of the Spirit was destroyed and the other temples were looted. The few remaining Yntharian followers were killed. The aggressors of the Great War often looted such places looking for magic and slaves.

Amidst the chaos of the Great War, the crystals were stolen and their fate remains unknown. Over the centuries, from time to time, there have been sightings of crystals with strange magical powers... some of which might have been one or another of the Crystals of Ynthar.


The Orb of Blood

The Orb of Blood grants the possessor many abilities. The possessor "encompasses" everything around him, being able to feel every physical object nearby with his mind. It is more than vision or seeing through walls, it is seeing the very structure of all objects with the mind's eye. The Orb of the Body allows the possessor to study the structure of matter in great detail. Complex analyses can be done. It would be of great benefit to an alchemist or wizard. Beyond this, the Orb of Blood can be used to cause damage, repair damage, summon objects into being. Likewise wounds can be caused or healed.

The Shard of the Mind

The Shard of the Mind grants the possessor great mental power. With this crystal, one can detect the presence of minds in the area, read thoughts, sense emotions, steal or restore memories, inflict or cure insanity and communicate telepathically with other minds.

The Crystal of Essence

This crystal holds the greatest power of the three. It grants the possessor power of any creature's spirit. The possessor can detect life (or unlife) nearby. He can analyze the spirit of a being and tell a great deal about the creature. Finally, the possessor of this crystal can slay with a thought and even restore life.

The Three Crystals United

If the three crystals are united, they become the "Crystal of Ynthar" and form a three dimensional representation of the Symbol of Ynthar. The power of the combined crystals is hugely increased and the possessor has virtually unlimited control over body, mind and spirit. The united crystals can create, modify or destroy matter in any form. They can create, modify or erase memories or skills in a sentient mind. And finally, they can create living creatures, obliterate life and transfer the spirit from one being to another.


According to legend, if one possesses any one of the three crystals, that crystal will give them the means to find the other two parts.

Drellis Effect Response

This item functions normally through all stellar phases.


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