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Wish Wine

Other Names Dream Draught, Tharkan's Blend, Entropy Elixir
Category Alchemy
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

This potion may come in any type of container. The substance itself looks like a thick, red wine. It has a heady aroma that makes vision blur and causes dizziness.


According to legend, Tharkan, an Alliance Mage Lord who was also a master alchemist, worked for weeks on a great personal project, before the Sundering. He created a tun of wine into which he mixed pungent herbs, finely ground minerals and rare crystals. He poured all of his lore and craft into this elixir. When finished, Tharkan and his apprentices filled hundreds of vials, bottles and jugs with the enchanted elixir. Over the centuries, these potions have been scattered across the lands. No one is sure how or why Tharkan created such a potion. No formula is known to exist. It is thought, by most that the secret to this blend died with Tharkan.


This potion can produce almost any biological effect. Literally, it will create any effect that the imbiber focuses on. However, it is limited to affecting the imbiber. It cannot produce effects on other people, objects or places. But within those constraints it can do anything. Healing, strength enhancement, armored skin, vision augmentation, invisibility and levitation are all possibilities. Despite these limits, the elixir generates or at least partially fulfills the drinker's desire. Sometimes, an odd interpretation of the desired result occurs.

Many sages and scholars believe that this potion, in some way, energizes the mind and links to the magical aura of the Universe - in essence, allowing the imbiber to cast a spell on himself. The exact results of quaffing this potion will vary depending on the user, the desire and the situation.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.


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