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Other Names Rohann's Revenge
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

Farastu is made from a single solid piece of ebony mithril. The handle is wrapped in strips of supple black leather. The pommel is removable. A cylindrical compartment is attached to the pommel and slides out when the pommel is turned. Blade length is 30 centimeters. The sheath is made of black leather.


The Story of Rohan and Valeitia

Long ago... before the sun was split and the world went to war, there lived a human mage named Rohann in the distant city of Tal-Athon which lay in the Arilon Provinces, far to the west. As is always the case with mages, the lure of power soon pulled him into greater and greater adventures and he took to adventuring with a band of warriors who had proven themselves. Adventure soon found them and they became involved in a struggle against an evil cult which drew its power from Beyond and the denizens therein.

Toward the end of the quest, Rohann and several others were led to the city of Myredor in the Pruelon Brotherhood. While in Myredor, Rohann met Valeitia, the daughter of an Pruelon duke, and the two quickly came to love one another. While adventuring through the area, Rohann would visit her often and the two frequently took long walks through the city gardens.

The final part of the quest which the group had undertaken was to locate the fabled crystal known as the Sapphire Flame before it fell into the hands of evil and deliver it back to the city of Myredor. The quest went well and would soon be completed. Rohann promised Valeitia that he would return as soon as the quest was complete.

Fate had other plans.

In a climactic battle, the group recovered the Crystal and made their way back to Myredor. As they crested the last hill, the sight that greeted them stopped them in their tracks. The city was being overrun by a horde of monstrosities being led by the very cult they had been battling. The heroes charged down the hill to join battle and did managed to turn the battle around. Rohann’s only concern was for Valeitia and he battled his way to the Duke’s keep. As he burst into the central hall, four monstrous farastu demons turned to face him, a bloodied Valeitia at their feet, sprawled on the floor. Blind rage fueled him and the very rocks shook such was the fury of magic he unleashed upon the demons. Three farastu fell, the fourth fled. Rohann ran to Valeitia and held her to him. She stirred weakly in his arms even as her blood stained his robes. He whispered his love to her as she died in his arms.

Rohann buried her in the gardens through which the two had shared so many pleasant walks.

The Forging of the Blade

Rohann delivered the crystal to the Duke and that same day, left Myredor forever. He traveled north, back to his home city of Tal-Athon. it was there that he had first learned magic. Several days later, he arrived at Tal-Athona dn went straight to the Wizard’s Guild, his old guild which he knew well. There he began work on a weapon of great power. Working for weeks with little sleep he continued like a man possessed. He obtained a supply of Ebony Mithril with which to forge the weapon. Opening a gate to some dark corner of the multiverse, he entered and soon return dragging a farastu demon into this world. Shutting himself up in his workroom, high up in the Guild Tower, he worked alone, not even letting the other wizards in. As he forged the blade, the molten metal poured into the mold like liquid night. Throughout the night he poured his magic into the blade. As was required to focus the magic of a weapon, he stabbed the imprisoned farastu with the newly made blade and let the dagger feast on the beast’s heart blood. Finally, as the first glimmer of light reddened the east sky, he prayed to many gods, to gods of magic, gods of death.. He prayed for guidance, for power. He prayed for revenge.

As dawn lit the tower, no sound issued forth from the chamber. As the wizard’s and apprentices went about their daily routines, all was quiet in Rohann’s workroom at the top of the tower. The wizard’s began to wonder what had happened. And they began to worry. Not wanting to interrupt the delicate process of magic item creation, they scanned the room with divination spells. Strangely, no divination spells would work. The door was sealed with magic and it took five wizards together to breach the chamber.

As the door swung open, they saw the lab was quiet. Everything looked in place, but somehow the workroom seemed different. As they stepped into the room, they saw hundreds of scrolls and tombs open, beakers full and material components of every kind. Had the spell gone awry? Laying on the table on a long, velvet pillow was a magnificent black dagger. Never before had any of the mages seen its equal. "Farastu" was etched into the blade. On the floor, lay Rohann, ashen skinned and still... a contented look upon his face, a smile on his lips.

The Farastu Blade Throughout History

This dagger has appeared in different parts of the world throughout the centuries, always in Ithria. During the Great War, it was held by a Pruelon commander, an uncle of Rohan. That uncle was killed in the war and the dagger was most likely picked up on the battle field. Since that time it has appeared in different kingdoms around Ithria.

Lady Spaden and the Farastu Blade

The current owner of the blade is the Lady Spaden, an elven ambassador of Cyrell. In her younger days, she traveled with the Travelers Elite, a company of mercenary adventurers who became pivotal in the politics of Kitar in the last decade and who fought against Duthelm in the Second Demon War. During those adventures, she came into possession of this dagger. During that war, this dagger served her well and saved her several times.

After the war, she returned to Cyrell and became a noble and ambassador for Cyrell. The dagger is now kept as an heirloom of her family and she wears the blade at official functions and social ceremonies.


This magnificent black dagger is infused with the most powerful magic, but it hides its power well. Only the most potent divination spells will reveal anything about this enchanted blade. To begin with, the weapon is utterly indestructable. The blade gleams as if it was only just forged. In all the long centuries and through hundreds of batles, nothing has even so much as scratched the blade.

The razor sharp blade can easily cut through wood, flesh, bone, iron and solid stone. It tears through armor as if it weren't there and delivers terrible wounds. However, this to nothing compared to it's primary function. Farastu was designed for one specific purpose : to slay demons. For this purpose, Farastu was endowed with the following magic -

Upon command, the blade will flare to life, blazing with a fiery blue light and it projects out a great aura of energy. Within this light, demons will suffer horrible, overwhelming pain and will be forced to retreat. Within this light, all demonic magic will fail, their spells will simply unravel.

Any wound caused to a demon by this blade can never by healed... ever. Even the most powerful magical healing will fail.

While holding this dagger, the wielder can not be harmed by any demon. The wielder is completely immune to their spells and powers. Their fangs and claws will by stopped by invisible inpenetrable force which surrounds and protects the wielder.

And finally, Farastu is sentient. Bound within the blade is the very soul of Rohan... the mage who created it. It communicates with its wielder in various ways... a tingling when demons are near, a subtle tug in a certain direction, even moving by itself in subtle ways (for instance, sliding across a table or pointing toward something). On rare occasions, the blade itself will speak. This is always a soft, sibilant whisper tinged with sadness. Always in vague fragments and cryptic phrases.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect. Functions normally during all phases.


The Farastu dagger hates all demonkinds and demons, likewise, loath this weapon. The dagger will do everything in its power to push the wielder toward slaying demons. It will insist that all demons be killed and that the wielder go out of his way to pursue this prey.

Any weak willed person in possession of this dagger will become gradually, but increasingly, obsessed with demonology, the occult and the Outer Planes. The user will develop an uncontrollable hatred of demons, devils and their ilk. The possessor will undergo a number of psychological changes - they will become somewhat paranoid, generally vengeful and will look for any chance to slay demonkind. The possessor's intelligence will increase and they will develop some minor spell ability (or any existing spell ability will be slightly enhanced). These changes will occur only if the possessor is weak willed. In essence, Rohan's considerable willpower is influencing and dominating the user. His intelligence and vast spell power is leaking through into the possessor.


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