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Armor of Holrumna

"Think you can best my champion? Not while he bears the armor of Holrumna."
King Neshurak the Vigilant, of Sybren

Other Names None
Category Armor
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

These magnificent suits of armor are fashioned from a bluish-grey metal of unknown origins which is stronger than any other known metal. This armor is constructed of intricate interlocking plates and completely encloses the wearer leaving nothing exposed. The edges of each individual plate are trimmed in gold and each plate is adorned with runes of power.

The suits are sized for a human male of average size (though a suit will mechanically expand and contract to accomodate wearers of slightly different height and bulk). The suit itself stands 2 meters tall and weights 140 kilograms.

Each of these suits is based on a common design and it is clear that they are a set. However, each suit does have minor cosmetic differences that make it unique and this is enough to tell one suit from another.


These legendary suits are the strongest and most powerfully enchanted suits of armor ever created in Aggradar. In 2215 CY, during the Servile War, an assassination attempt against the King of Sybren almost succeeded. Shaken from the experience, the King met with Holrumna, the most powerful sorcerer in the kingdom. He commissioned the creation of one dozen matching suits of armor. They were to be the finest armor possible and they were to be worn by the emperor's own bodyguards and highest ranking generals. One suit was set aside for the emperor himself. 

No other mage was close to Holrumna's skill and power and he was determined to fashion something that no other suit of armor would ever surpass. Consulting ancient texts and travelling to other dimensions, Holrumna gathered the spells and materials he would need. He then retreated to his castle where he spent several months working in seclusion. The spell energies involved were vast, the formulae and incantations complex and the construction of each suit required the sacrificing of a living person.

The emperor had requested a dozen suits of armor. However, Holrumna only completed seven. During the construction of the eighth, his castle was invaded and he was attacked by a group who were trying to save their friend (who was to be the next sacrifice). Holrumna was killed during this attack. Although he defended himself with sorcery, he was vulnerable because much of his power was consumed in the creation of the armor).

The seven suits of armor which were completed were worn by the King and his generals for most of the Servile War. During the war, some were lost in battle. Only two are still held by the Sybren Imperium. The remaining five suits have been scattered across the world.

Suit 1 - Worn by the chief bodyguard of the current Emperor of the Sybren Imperium.

Suit 2 - Worn by a general in the Sybren Empire.

Suit 3 - Worn by head bodyguard of the Padashan Emperor.

Suit 4 - Believed to be part of the treasure horde in the lair of Verraximaul, the great dragon of the Gyrtara Mountains.

Suit 5 - Whereabouts unknown.

Suit 6 - Whereabouts unknown.

Suit 7 - Whereabouts unknown.


The Last Suit

Most retellings of the story claim that the eighth suit was destroyed the night that Holrumna died. However, there is a persistent legend that the eighth suit of armor has also survived the ages. This legend claims that the eighth suit was finished and that it was Holrumna himself whose life energy completed it. However, this final suit is said to be a malfunctioning masterpiece, both powerful and dangerous, and that some terrible evil is embodied within it.


Each suit in this set has the following functions and characteristics:

The suit provides excellent protection from all forms of physical attack. This also includes protection from the elements and elemental magic such as fire, cold, lightning and acid.

The suit provides very good protection from all manner of spells and sorcery.

The suits themselves are almost indestructible and, even after centuries of use, show only the slightest signs of damage and wear.

Each forearm of the suit has a built-in blade which can be extended or retracted upon command. These twin blades are heavily enchanted and easily slice through stone or metal. Because the blades are attached to the forearm of the suit, the wearer's hand is still free to grasp objects (although a fully extended blade can make certain things awkward).

The suit greatly enhances the strength of the wearer. While wearing the suit, the strength of the wearer is effectively quadrupled. (i.e. the user can lift and carry four times as much, hit four times as hard and so on).

The visor is a solid sheet of metal which completely covers the face. It is transparent to the wearer. In addition, the wearer can employ various modes of vision as often as desired:

The suit has a small metallic sphere integrated in to the helmet. Upon command, the helmet can launch this sphere which can fly and manuever under its own power. The sphere is inscribed with runes of power and it greatly resembles a mechanical eye. Whatever the eye sees is displayed on the visor inside the helmet. This allows the wearer to view places at a distance. The mechanical eye has no range limit, but can only function for up to one hour, after which time it must be returned to the helmet where it must recharge for 5 hours.

The helmet and suit can seal airtight to protect the wearer from gases or allow temporary functioning underwater. However, the wearer will run out of oxygen within 10 to 20 minutes.

The suit can heal any single wound on the wearer. This function can be employed three times per day.

Three times per day, the suit is capable of a short burst of levitation. This burst of energy can be used either to make a tremendous leap (up to fifty feet) or to land safely after a long fall.

Drellis Effect Response

These suits function normally during all stellar phases.


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