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A huge nation of pugnar dwell in the heart of the Gyrtara Mountains. This nation is actually a loose confederation of pugnar tribes that control the peaks between the borders of Chaddamar to Fyrren's Wandering. These tribes frequently raid civilized areas for slaves, food and weapons. Their location in the Gyrtara mountains allow them to strike out at Aukaria, Chaddamar, Vaul and Eshtar with equal ease. All attempts to wipe out the pugnar tribes in the Gyrtara mountains by the civilized nations have failed. The Church officials of Chaddamar have taken a particularly interest in wiping out the "infidels' and have charged the Chaddamarian military with cleaning up the western border of their nation.

The Harvesters have several temples scattered throughout the Gytara Mountains and, like the pugnar, this puts them within reach of several major nations, even reaching as far as Sarid. These temples are far from civilized lands, hidden away in remote regions of the wilderness. They are large stone structures with many chambers and subterranean tunnels. They are completely self sufficient.

The Gytara mountains are home to the village of Trumbull and the dragon Verraximaul.

Attempts to maintain mining operations usually fail because of the hostile environment. Any mining operation must deal with the Harvesters, the pugnar war tribes, various dangerous animals and at least one dragon. At the present time, there is only one mine operating in these mountains. This mine is owned and operated by the Chaddamar Theocracy and is being guarded by several dozen Chaddamarian soldiers. This mine always serves as a military base from which attacks against the pugnar are launched.


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