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The Harvesters

Type of Organization

Religious Brotherhood

Type of Members

Any race
Member of Members 6,000
Demographics Human (various) 71%, Vaullian 15%, Saridian 9%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



An entity known as the Spirit Master
Year Founded Unknown
Symbol A cracked tombstone.
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

This enigmatic group is also known as the Gatherers and the Society of the Will. Members of the Harvesters wrap their bodies in black robes, gloves and boots. They conceal their faces with featureless porcelain masks. They show no flesh at all and their identity is completely concealed. They essentially renounce their former lives and individuality in favor the brotherhood. Once initiated into the membership, there are little more than a cog in the machine.


No known history. The earliest reports of this group date back to 1870 CY. Attempts have been made to trace the origins of this group, but such efforts have been unsuccessful. Captured Harvesters die almost immediately from unknown causes. No information about the group has ever been obtained from a captured Harvester.

Goals and Motivation

Little is known about this group or its goals. It is suspected that their leader may be a demi-god, a displaced being from another plane, a demon or perhaps a very powerful aberrant. It is not known if newly created members join of their own free will or are somehow controlled by the group's master. It seems that this group is mainly interested in expanding its numbers. Although they fight in defense, they do not generally kill to obtain members. They seem more interested in scavenging the dead from battlefields and graveyards.

Allies and Enemies

The Harvesters are considered a serious threat by the Aukarian Republic, the Vaullians and the Saridians. The Chaddamar Theocracy considers them heretics of the worst kind, a danger to the citizenry of the Theocracy and Chaddamarian soldiers have orders to kill them on sight. The Harvesters have no known allies.


The Harvesters are a cult-like brotherhood that gathers its faithful by resurrecting the dead. Graveyards and battlefields are plundered by small groups of Harvesters. They always seek recently deceased cadavers. Harvesters only go after bodies that are less than a week old. Bodies are transported back to one of their hidden temples where a complex ceremony is performed and the individual is resurrected as a Harvester.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

It is rumored that the Harvesters have no central leader and instead share a telepathic bond. There is also a rumor that this telepathic bond is exists because members consume a rare herb that gives them this ability. Nothing substantial is known.


The Harvesters have several temples scattered throughout the Gytara Mountains which allows them to strike out at Aukaria, Chaddamar, Vaul and Sarid. These temples are far from civilized lands, hidden away in remote regions of the wilderness. These temples are large stone structure with many chambers and subterranean tunnels. They are completely self sufficient.


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