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An organization is any group of people working together toward a common goal. They may be drawn together by similar interests, political agendas, common professions or civic duty.

Organizations take many forms and include such disparate groups as military units, underworld crime cartels, covert spy networks, spiritual brotherhoods, national committees, city councils, professional guilds and social clubs. They vary greatly in size, wealth and goals. Each has its own internal rules, rank structures, forms of membership and common practices. Many have codes of conduct or stringent oaths of loyalty.

Regardless of motivations, practices or beliefs, all organizations are founded upon one simple truth… there is strength in numbers.

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Alliance of Alloys 500 Kalimura A guild of metal workers.
Alrem’s Apostles 230 Carrikos A small group of sorcerers who worship the history of the Sundering.
Artisan's League 125 Vogue The social elite of Vogue.
Black Iron Brigade 224 Forge The largest and oldest criminal organization in the capital city of Forge.
Black Sorcerers 274 Duthelm The elite spell casters of Duthelm.
Blood Tusks 382 Fyrren's Wandering The most ruthless bandit group that prowls Fyrren's Wandering.
Brotherhood of the Dragon 182 Ithell An academic group devoted to the study of dragons.
Brotherhood of the Serpent Tongue 4,200 Coalition One of the seven ruling groups of the Coalition.
Chakford’s Engineers 45 Kalimura A group of mercenary craftsmen.
Chosen, The 700 Coalition According to legend, a group of supposed vampires that live in the Coalition.
Company, The 8,600 Drakkellian Alliance The underworld crime cartel of the southern realms.
Council of Arcane Law 640 Aukaria A government organization dedicated to monitoring Aukarian sorcerers and magic.
Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery 982 Drakkell The main wizards guild in the Drakkellian Alliance.
Empyrean Regime 912 Vaul A brotherhood of vaullian wizards, philosophers and mystics.
Entropy 28 Carrikos A secretive group of Chaos Sorcerers that operate in Carrikos.
Federated Craftsmen of Drakkel 740 Drakkellian Alliance A social and economic alliance of independent (i.e. non-guild member) craftsmen of Drakkel.
Fellowship, The 1,150 Coalition A crime cartel and spy/assassin network. One of the seven ruling groups of the Coalition.
Golconda 420 Arkalia A small group of female-only monks in the northern realms.
Grim 80 Ithell A guild of thieves, rogues and assassins in Ithell.
Guild of Shadows 387 Aerith The thieves guild of Aerith.
Gutter Rats 200 Drakkell A loosely organized gang of thieving street urchins.
Harvesters 6,000 Chaddamar A fearful group that recruits new members by resurrecting the dead.
Heraldric Order 14,580 Aukaria The formal organization of Heralds within the Aukarian Republic.
Heroes of Ankar 6 Varies A small independent mercenary group.
League of Stone and Steel 9000 Coalition The guild of craftsmen and one of the ruling groups of the Coalition.
Lords of the Hunt 6 Ormek A small private hunting club of Ormekian nobles.
Lore Masters 142 Ithell An academic group devoted to scholarly research, exploration and knowledge.
Mariner's Eyes 58 Tyrrenkor A small but respected guild of spies and information brokers.
Mire Bandits 262 Trackless Mire A band of outlaws that elude the authorities by dwelling in the Trackless Mire.
Obsidian Guard 54 Drakkellian Alliance A small thieves guild operating near the city of Drakkel.
Order of the Drake 247 Sentinel Mountains A wealthy, powerful and reclusive order of "dragon knights".
Order of the Mind 1,845 Vaul A group of elite vaullian telepaths.
Order of the Vile 1750 Coalition A group of alchemists, herbalists and mages. One of the seven Coalition ruling groups.
Peil's Thunder 20,500 Coalition The military juggernaut of the Coalition.
Prophets of Drellikar 85 Carrikos A small group of mages whose goal is to undo the Sundering.
Ravens 115 Aerith The second largest thieves guild in Aerith.
Red Eye Corps 4,800 Duthelm The guild in Duthelm that oversees the Orichalcum trade.
Resistance 15,000? Anquar An outlawed group that seeks to overthrow King Dalmoran and restore the "rule of eight".
Rukemian Vigil 740 Rukemia The Rukemian imperial intelligence agency.
Sar'shang Brotherhood 450 Arkalia A reclusive order of pacifist monks who excel at fighting and healing arts.
Scourge, The 107 Orrojek A criminal group of thieves ruled over by a cabal of dark priests and an even darker power.
Seekers of Shidar 3,400 Chaddamar A resistant group that opposes the Chaddamar Church.
Selari Knights 7175 Coalition A group of anti-paladins and one of the ruling Coalition groups.
Seven Sabres 842 Aukaria The main underworld guild of the Republic.
Slave Lords 800 Rukemia A large, organized guild of slave traders.
Technomancers 280 Kalimura A guild of craftsmen and scholars dedicated to science, academics and technology.
Varakai 375 Normidia The covert intelligence group of Normidia.
Vaullian Historical Society 1,680 Vaul A scholarly order devoted to collection and preservation of historical texts and artifacts.
Vermillion Shroud 25 Talis A group of phellysian mages dedicated to the resurrection of their lost god.
Watchers 800 Kalimura A covert government group with orders to protect Kalimuran technology at any cost.

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